How to choose comfortable underwear?

How to choose comfortable underwear?

Many women wear uncomfortable bras and underpants that do not dye at all and are still harmful to health. Do we know how to choose comfortable underwear for every day?

Give preference to comfortable models of sconces and panties

A push-up bra and thong are not suitable as casual underwear. They, according to experts, are dangerous to health.

The bra should perfectly support the chest and not dig into the skin. The sconce with bones and soft cups will perfectly cope with this task. If you have a magnificent breast, then the presence of wide bra straps is mandatory. An invisible bra or corrective models for clothes with a deep neckline are not suitable for every day, because their task is to firmly hold the chest in place so that it does not appear in the neckline of the dress at the most inopportune moment, and not gently support it.

Panties should not dig into the skin with their own elastic bands or hang on the hips. For every day, panties, slips or shorts are ideal. From a hygienic point of view, these models are the most suitable. Buy a G-string that helps you consider these things.

Measure the parameters before each purchase

Even with fitting, many women choose the wrong bra size for themselves, which does not support the breast and sticks into the skin.

Therefore, before you go to the store for purchase, measure your parameters with a centimeter tape under the breast and along the line of the nipples. The first measurement will help you determine the digital part of the size of the bra, and the second – the letter. Important: measure the parameters before each purchase! Even slight fluctuations in weight can significantly affect girth under the chest and volume.

As for the underpants, their dimensional grid corresponds to the size of the clothes. If you wear things forty-second or forty-fourth size, then pick your fits in the same size category. At the same time, if you buy underpants made of synthetic material, give preference to the model’s size. However, but linen made from natural fabrics stretches, so if in doubt, take a smaller size.

Pay attention to the fabric from which the linen is sewn

Ideal underwear for every day is with natural fabrics. The preferred ones are silk and cotton. However, this does not mean that synthetic fibers should not be present in the fabric. They are needed to maintain the elasticity of the fabric and the shape of the laundry. As a rule, manufacturers add polyamide or lycra to silk and cotton. Their content in the tissue should not exceed 10%, otherwise, the skin will not be able to breathe.

In addition, you should pay attention to the decor of linen. Or rather, its absence. For everyday wear, it is preferable to choose smooth sconces and underpants so that their relief does not appear through the clothes, especially if it is a thin silk blouse or a flowing dress.

Emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses

Underwear should not only perfectly support the chest, but also adjust the proportions of the figure. Therefore, choose models of sconces and underpants based on your parameters.

Girls with lush hips should give preference to slips or boxers with a lowered waistline. The extra volume on the waist and hips will hide high panties with a dragging effect or corrective body.

A magnificent breast will be supported by a sconce with wide straps crossed on the back. A wide shoulder will be masked by a balcony with wide apart straps.

If you play sports, be sure to wear special sportswear that will provide maximum support for your chest and comfort during exercise.

By the way, by this principle, you can choose the perfect swimsuit.

Say no to black and white

Black underwear looks dull, and white is noticeable under any clothes. For everyday wear, it is better to choose sets of restrained colors, nude shades, pastel lilac, peach, and white. The nude must have a pink tint, otherwise, the laundry will appear washed (even if it is new). The same rule applies to the choice of linen with print: it is preferable to models with a soft motive.

Lingerie for expectant and nursing mothers

You can easily find lingerie for expectant and nursing mothers both in the mass market and in specialized brands. It is usually made of soft microfiber and cotton, seamless and comfortable. When choosing clothes, make sure that it is a little loose, but copes with support, reducing the load on the spine.

Such specialized underwear is durable but quickly loses its color and shape. The most convenient option is a seamless bra with a front closure. Many of them are adapted for feeding, so do not rush to part with them after childbirth. In such models, the cups are unfastened.

And high pants can replace the bandage: they support the back and protect against stretching of the skin and muscles.

Thermal underwear

The best friend in the period of cold weather is thermal underwear, which will warm both the body and the soul not only in the mountains but also in urban conditions. Most likely, on this word, you represent breeches with fleece, but do not rush to conclusions.

Modern thermal underwear can be beautiful, inconspicuous and very warm. It creates the first layer closest to the body and allows you to wear dresses and jeans in winter. It will work best if you refuse acrylic sweaters that are completely warm.

Thermal underwear can be made of thin wool, cotton or synthetic materials that retain heat. Most often, these are sets of tops and shorts or leggings, which are not visible under ordinary clothes.

You can find thermal underwear both in the mass market – for example, from Marks & Spencer, as well as from specialized brands. When buying, pay attention to the temperature regime specified by the manufacturer: some underwear can cope with cold up to minus five, and some can withstand thirty-degree frosts.

Subtleties of the linen style

Is she sleeping in this combination dress or is she just walking down the street in it? The thin line between the linen and the linen style has been thoroughly erased. While fashion experts argue about whether it is permissible to wear bralette and walk in a nightie, the linen trend has been holding for more than one season and is not going to leave.

Seamless sets come to the rescue or if you have small breasts, silicone cups. They can’t be worn for more than eight hours and should be avoided in the heat.

Do not buy transparent silicone straps that supposedly should not be visible: believe me, they are very noticeable, especially in the light. Learn more about how to choose comfortable underwear.

The Final Thoughts

Due to the difficulty of choosing the right underwear, one often has to refuse to buy a dress with a deep neckline. Caring manufacturers tighten the bodice, and for the rest of the clothes, a bra without straps (which are held by a rubberized tape on the wrong side of the belt) or a bra with a U-neck.

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