HTC Vive Flow VR

HTC Vive Flow VR

HTC Vive Flow VR

The HTC Vive Flow will launch in November 2021. It will cost $499 to get your hands on this odd-looking VR headset.

HTC Vive Flow VR headsets with beetle glasses revealed

HTC Vive Flow Announced: Compact $499 6DOF VR Headset
HTC is trying again to get people excited about virtual reality. Today, after a series of previous leaks, the company officially announced the HTC Vive Flow. All-in-one devise, which means it doesn’t have to be physically connected to a PC or smartphone.

The HTC Vive Flow was also designed to be lightweight. It only weighs 189 grams, which hopefully means you can wear it for hours. The two lens displays have a resolution of 1.6Kpereye and a refresh rate of 75Hz. It also has a 100-degree field of view.

Instead of a controller, the headset connects via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone (unfortunately it does not support iOS), which acts as a kind of virtual laser pointer. Let the headset run for up to five hours on a single charge.

HTC Vive Flow is marketed as a virtual reality headset that is simple to use and easy to carry. HTC wants users not only to consume media on the Vive Flow but also to use them to meditate and sleep. supports the Vive Flow at the start.

The Verge had a short turnaround time on the HTC Vive Flow and reported mixed results. There is no strap system to keep it in place, which kept the tester’s earpiece slipping. Working with a smartphone as a controller should also be cumbersome.

The HTC Vive Flow is slated to hit the market in November at a price of $ 499. There is a separate price of $ 79 for the battery. It remains to be seen whether it will compete with the current leader in virtual reality hardware, Oculus, which currently controls 75% of the market.

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