Iniu 10,000mAh Power Bank Review

Iniu 10,000mAh Power Bank Review

Iniu 10,000mAh Power Bank Review

A pocket-friendly design and a super low price? Find out if it’s the portable charger for you in this Iniu power bank review (10,000mAh).

Iniu 10,000mAh Power Bank Review: Small and Solid, but Slow

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What You Need to Know About the Iniu Power Bank

Iniu Megapower 10,000mAh Portable Charger: $ 19.99 / £ 21.99 / € 19.99
Iniu Megapower 20,000 mAh portable charger: $ 24.99 / £ 28.99 / € 29.99
Iniu offers an impressive number of power banks up to 20,000 mAh capacity, some in slim designs. We tested the basic option with 10,000 mAh for this Iniu power bank test. USBC option and all three have a maximum of 15 W. As far as the charging standards are concerned, the Iniu Powerbank offers Quick Charge 2.0 and Apple 2.4A, but does not support Power Delivery. In particular, Iniu claims that the 20,000 mAh variant supports Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 4+.

The 10,000 mAh power bank from Inius weighs only 198 g and measures 133 x 70 x 14.7 mm. It’s made entirely of plastic, although the matte surface is smooth and nice to the touch. The power bank shows the remaining charge on a blue LED fingerprint, with each segment showing 20%. Own bank with basic commissioning instructions.

However, you also get a drawstring carry case, USBA to USBC cable and a unique LED light. The light is connected to one of the USBA ports on the Iniu Powerbank if you want to read at night.

What is good?

Iniu has set itself the goal of offering a small and lightweight power bank, and overall it has succeeded. It’s about the size of a Pixel 5, even if the power bank is a bit thicker. You shouldn’t have any problem stowing the Iniu Powerbank in a backpack or even a bag of this size.

The size is particularly impressive when you consider that the power bank has a total of three ports. All three offer roughly the same speeds, so you can be confident that your devices are evenly distributing the power. I’ve found that the Iniu power bank does better when charging an iPhone 12 Pro thanks to Apple’s 2.4A support. While the 15W charge won’t blow anyone away, the iPhone came the closest to maintaining top speed, as seen in the table below.

This is also one of the most affordable power banks I’ve tried for just $ 19.99. When you consider that Iniu includes a carry case and a USB powered LED light, you are getting quite a bang for your buck. Both the LED light and the supplied USBA-to-USBC cable come with small covers to keep dirt away from the connections for a lifetime.

What’s not so good?

Although Iniu managed the size and overall build, it lacked speed. There is no USB power supply and the fastest charging standard is Quick Charge 2.0. As a result, I struggled to get speeds over 9W. on a Samsung Galaxy S21. Even the iPhone 12 Pro hit 12W, which isn’t the max 15W speed the bank is capable of. Charging multiple devices at the same time reduced the Galaxy S21 to 6.6W, while the iPhone 12 Pro reached 7.8W.

Even the Inius power bank is not powerful enough to charge laptops efficiently. I was only able to use the USBC port with a Surface Laptop 3 and the speeds only hit 8W, however, if you really need a power bank for a laptop you’ll want one with more capacity from Iniu it offers higher speeds and a lot more choice of charging standards, all for an additional $ 5.

One problem shared by Iniu’s 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh power banks is port selection. In a world where USBC is becoming the standard, relying on a power bank with two USBA ports is obsolete. Cables so you can still charge your newest devices.

Iniu Power Bank Review: Should You Buy It?

When you need a super affordable portable charger that easily fits in a pocket, the Iniu Powerbank is a great choice. I enjoyed the extra features like the LED light and the carry case, but the speeds made me ask for something better. Charging up to 15W isn’t fast enough, especially without Power Delivery or Quick Charge 3 and above. While the $ 19.99 price tag is hard to beat, if you’re just spending an extra $ 5, you can get the Iniu 20,000 mAh ($ 24.99) power bank with Power Delivery and Quick Charge 4 + received. It won’t be that portable, but you won’t get a lot for not a lot of extra money.

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