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LG Reflect

LG Reflect

Just how many differences can there be between an unlocked and a carrier version of one phone? Find out in our LG Reflect review.

LG Reflect in the test:

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The Evil Twin of the K51 Every now and then an operator decides to give an unlocked device a new name. The software experience offers something different. You can find out what makes this version so special in our LG Reflect test.

What you need to know about the LG Reflect

The Reflect was launched in June 2020 along with its unlocked brother, the LG K51, at the lower end of LG’s smartphone range. It is designed to be interfaced with all networks and our version has a Tracfone logo on the back under the cameras. Reflect has not brought about any specification increase, so you still only plan for 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage configuration. You also get the same titanium grey finish as the unlocked model.

Our LG Reflect ran on Android 10 with LG UX 9.0 for the duration of the test. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be part of LG’s Android 11 plans, which limits the Reflect’s future prospects. LG has also withdrawn from the smartphone market since then. the release of Reflect, which almost eliminates support options.

Under the hood, LG opted for the Helio P22 chipset from MediaTek to pull all the strings. It’s paired with a large 6.5-inch HD + screen and a 4,000 mAh battery to keep the lights on. The headphone jack, USBC connector, and mon firing speaker are all on the bottom edge of the phone.

The plastic packaging from Tracfone comes with a USBC cable, a charging pad and all the documentation you could want for the first steps. You also get a SIM ejector to help you set up your new network. Keep in mind that packaging may vary depending on your preferred brand of TracFone. The LG

Reflect is priced similar to the OnePlus Nord N200, Nokia 5.4, and Motorola Moto G Power (2021), although it doesn’t stay up to date on the spec sheet. On your wallet at this price point, check out the Stylo 6. Offers a larger screen with a built-in pen.

What is good?

This may be an affordable phone on some of America’s most popular MVNOs, but its build quality feels well above its price. The titanium grey finish gives the LG Reflect a touch of quality and the device feels solid from the moment it is activated. from the box.

budget phones sometimes tend to leave the camera matrix in the background, but the LG Reflect finds a way to work around this common mistake. Its 13 MP main camera works well in most lighting conditions and works fine outdoors. The hero here is LG’s AI Cam feature which keeps track of tons of data points as you compose your picture to offer advice on how to enhance your shot. For example, the picture of two Penn State branded glasses in the samples later in this review was taken in low light, but it looks bright as day.

We’re always happy to have a headphone jack, and the bottom speaker also gets impressively loud and blends in nicely with the large 6.5-inch HD + screen that lets you watch your favourite shows. I chose headphones but had no problem sharing videos with family and friends over a weekend in the tailgate.

LG’s 4,000 mAh battery also has enough power to keep the Reflect running all day – I had no problem getting through the day even hopping between apps and streaming music. fast enough too.

What’s not so good?

The LG Reflect contains everything we liked about the LG K51, but it doesn’t help much to fix any flaws. In fact, the Reflect comes with a slightly worse bundled software suite with some bloatware applications. While it’s often good for a job, the processor shows its age when you dive into multitasking, which doesn’t help with a meagre 3GB of RAM or a meagre 32GB of storage. Up to 14 GB of valuable 32 GB total memory, with pre-installed apps consuming a further 2.4 GB.

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