LIST: Top 8 richest Pastors in Uganda 2021

LIST: Top 8 richest Pastors in Uganda 2021

Some people say now days most Pentecostal churches are mainly for business outfit, this is why the pastors of these churches have lots of money, expensive property; like real estates scattered throughout the country.

Today we bring you a list of the richest pastors in Uganda;

1. Pastor Robert Kayanja

Church: Rubaga Miracle Centre cathedral

He is the brain behind Kapeeka Orphanage and Primary School. He has a television station known as Miracle TV Channel 44.

He owns a big mansion that is seated on three acres of land on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kawuku Bunga.

He also has another one in Ntinda.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

2. Pastor Samuel Kakande

Church : Mulago based Synagogue Church of All Nations

It is alleged that Samuel Kakande owns shares in Bank Of Africa, he is also into agriculture owning vast acres of maize and rice farms in Masindi.

When it comes to property, he owns two posh mansions; one located at Muyenga Hill valued at Shs3 billion and another in Ggaba valued at Shs2 billion.

He owns posh cars which include Range Rovers, Jeep Cheerokes and others.

3.Pastor Gary Skinner

He started 1984, with a simple church on Kampala Road. But now KPC has five branches all over the and a congregation of hundreds of thousands. It is now named Watoto with the branches categorized properly like Watoto East located in Namanve Kazinga, Watoto North in Kisaasi and Watoto West in Kyengera.

Pastor Gary has lots of properties among which is a multi-billion mansion in Kawuku, Bunga on the shores of Lake Victoria seated on three acres of land.

4.Prophet Elvis Mbonye

A few years ago, he was just struggling prophet who began his pastoral work from Kisoro. He crawled slowly to Kampala. There were several allegations of dubious deals that involved him but he said those were just rumours spread by his enemies to put him down. He tells his followers to keep giving in their money so to receive heavenly blessings.

Today, Mbonye is among the top richest Pastors in Uganda. He has property in Mutungo and many suburbs of Uganda. He drives posh cars and has made a fortune from his church. Currently, young corporate girls carry dollars just to donate to his church.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

5.Pastor Imelda Namutebi

Imelda started her church in a grass thatched hut in Masanafu. Long-time residents of Masanafu can testify to this. She slowly started collecting money from people and finally built a state of art church in Lugala. She openly tell her people that if you don’t give, you won’t receive.

6.Pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi

Kiwewesi first received harsh treatment from people claiming he was a gay. No one could pin him and that has remained a rumour. Today, he owns most of Kasanga. He has big cathedral in Kasanga and drives every expensive car.

7. Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga is the founder and owner of Christian Life Church Ministries in Bwaise.

He couldn’t miss on the list of the richest pastors in the country since he has made a big fortune in ministering.

He owns a number of lucrative assets including Top Television, Top Radio station, real estates among others.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

8. Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

Pastor Bugingo is the owner of House of Prayer Ministries International.

He owns million dollars piece of land in Makerere where his Church sits. He is also a proud owner of Salt Television and Radio.

The head of House of Prayer Ministries International Pastor Aloysius Bugingo
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