NFL power rankings, Week 4: Raiders rise, Chiefs fall

NFL power rankings, Week 4: Raiders rise, Chiefs fall

The AFC West has a new boss in the early going of our NFL power rankings, with the Las Vegas Raiders eclipsing the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL power rankings: Week 4


Jacksonville Jaguars

0-3 LW: 32 Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence has really struggled, and the Jaguars look like they’ll be picking high again.


New York Jets

Holy hell.


New York Giants

0-3 LW: 27 New York Giants

Holy hell, Part Deaux.


Houston Texans

1-2 LW: 28 Houston Texans

The Texans are showing real fight, but they don’t have enough talent to win many games.


Detroit Lions

Tough to loss a game in more brutal fashion. Rough one for Detroit.


Atlanta Falcons

1-2 LW: 30 Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons finally found a team that’s more of a disaster than them.


Philadelphia Eagles

1-2 LW: 25 Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia now gets the Chiefs. Not exactly the easiest bounce-back game.


Indianapolis Colts

0-3 LW: 24 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts must beat Miami next week, or it’s over.


Chicago Bears



Washington Football Team

1-2 LW: 21 Washington Football Team

The defense has been a major disappointment. One of the league’s worst so far.


Miami Dolphins

1-2 LW: 20 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins fought hard but couldn’t pull it out in overtime against the unbeaten Raiders.


Minnesota Vikings

1-2 LW: 23 Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota saved its season with a win over Seattle. Best effort of the season.


Cincinnati Bengals

2-1 LW: 26 Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals? Bengals! Joe Burrow was solid, Ja’Marr Chase was terrific and the defense finished it off.


New England Patriots

1-2 LW: 16 New England Patriots

The offense is really limited and the defense, while good, isn’t a world-beater.


Pittsburgh Steelers

1-2 LW: 13 Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s time. Ben Roethlisberger is cooked.


New Orleans Saints

2-1 LW: 19 New Orleans Saints

Jameis Winston is doing enough to keep the Saints on schedule, and the defense is taking care of the rest.


Carolina Panthers

3-0 LW: 18 Carolina Panthers

Carolina is 3-0, but injuries threaten what has been a wonderful start.


Denver Broncos

3-0 LW: 15 Denver Broncos

The Broncos are also undefeated, but beating the Jets, Giants and Jaguars isn’t moving the needle. Next up, Baltimore. Prove it.


Seattle Seahawks

1-2 LW: 5 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks need something from their defense. You know, other than a total collapse.


Dallas Cowboys

2-1 LW: 17 Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has the best quarterback in the NFC East, and that’s likely enough.


Tennessee Titans

2-1 LW: 14 Tennessee Titans

Nice win by the Titans on Sunday, who look to be running away in the AFC South.


San Francisco 49ers

2-1 LW: 7 San Francisco 49ers

The Niners have a ton of injuries again, and the offense simply isn’t explosive right now.


Kansas City Chiefs

1-2 LW: 3 Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City’s red zone defense and pass rush are a mess. Factor in six turnovers over the last two games, and you have a 1-2 record.


Los Angeles Chargers

2-1 LW: 12 Los Angeles Chargers

Huge win for the Bolts, who suddenly look like a threat to Kansas City in the AFC West.


Arizona Cardinals

3-0 LW: 10 Arizona Cardinals

Unbeaten and looking like they have a star in quarterback Kyler Murray. The needle is pointing up.


Baltimore Ravens

2-1 LW: 9 Baltimore Ravens

This wasn’t a good week, but Justin Tucker’s unreal leg saved the Ravens.


Las Vegas Raiders

3-0 LW: 11 Las Vegas Raiders

Finally, the Raiders have Derek Carr playing at an elite level while the defense isn’t totally submarining him. Can they win the West?


Green Bay Packers

2-1 LW: 8 Green Bay Packers

After being drubbed by the Saints in Week 1, the Packers have shown who they really are.


Cleveland Browns

2-1 LW: 6 Cleveland Browns

Cleveland held the Bears to less than 50 total yards. Impossible.


Buffalo Bills

Buffalo got a vintage Josh Allen performance and clobbered Washington to move to 2-1.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2-1 LW: 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers will be fine, but their pass defense is hideous. Matthew Stafford tore them up.


Los Angeles Rams

3-0 LW: 2 Los Angeles Rams

The best team in the NFL through three weeks.

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