NFL power rankings, Week 8: Titans rise, Chiefs sink

NFL power rankings, Week 8: Titans rise, Chiefs sink

The Tennessee Titans crushed the Kansas City Chiefs in Nashville on Sunday, and with the result both teams moved significantly in the NFL power rankings.


Detroit Lions

The Lions keep fighting, but the win count remains the same.


Houston Texans

1-6 LW: 31 Houston Texans

Just stop the fight already.


Jacksonville Jaguars

1-5 LW: 30 Jacksonville Jaguars

At least the Jaguars didn’t lose this week.


New York Jets

The Jets are now without Zach Wilson after giving up 54 points. A fine showing.


Miami Dolphins

1-6 LW: 27 Miami Dolphins

Deshaun Watson?


New York Giants

2-5 LW: 28 New York Giants

Whoa, where did that come from? Now the Giants get the struggling Chiefs on MNF.


Washington Football Team

2-5 LW: 25 Washington Football Team

Washington desperately needs to find a quarterback this offseason.


Seattle Seahawks

2-5 LW: 24 Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson can’t come back soon enough.


Philadelphia Eagles

2-5 LW: 23 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were a trendy upset pick, and got crushed.


Denver Broncos

3-4 LW: 22 Denver Broncos

The wheels came off all at once.


Carolina Panthers

3-4 LW: 20 Carolina Panthers

See above. Also, Sam Darnold is back to being terrible.


Chicago Bears

The Bears have no offense and no chance. It’s another ugly year.


Atlanta Falcons

3-3 LW: 26 Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are suddenly at .500 and back in the playoff chase.


Pittsburgh Steelers

3-3 LW: 19 Pittsburgh Steelers

Big game this week after their bye, getting the Browns in a crucial AFC North battle.


San Francisco 49ers

2-4 LW: 15 San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers began 2-0, and haven’t won since. Tough campaign.


New England Patriots

3-4 LW: 18 New England Patriots

Mac Jones and Co. have beaten the Texans and Jets twice. Can they beat a good team?


Kansas City Chiefs

3-4 LW: 11 Kansas City Chiefs

The most disappointing team in football. Just a complete wreck.


Minnesota Vikings

3-3 LW: 16 Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota comes out of its bye week needing to get hot.


Indianapolis Colts

3-4 LW: 21 Indianapolis Colts

After a brutal first five games, the Colts are back and now a critical game against the Titans.


New Orleans Saints

4-2 LW: 14 New Orleans Saints

Jameis Winston hasn’t been special, but he’s done enough.


Cleveland Browns

4-3 LW: 12 Cleveland Browns

Will Baker Mayfield be back this week?


Los Angeles Chargers

4-2 LW: 9 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers come out of their bye with an intriguing game at home against the Patriots.


Las Vegas Raiders

5-2 LW: 10 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders deserve a ton of credit. All the Jon Gruden nonsense, and they’ve stepped up.


Baltimore Ravens

5-2 LW: 5 Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has been inconsistent, and it was humbled by the Bengals.


Cincinnati Bengals

5-2 LW: 13 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are back. What a showing in Charm City.


Buffalo Bills

Buffalo has the league’s easiest schedule moving forward, and it’ll take advantage.


Tennessee Titans

5-2 LW: 8 Tennessee Titans

Beating the Chiefs and Bills in six days is quite the statement.


Dallas Cowboys

Dallas will win the NFC East, but can it get to the NFC’s top seed?


Green Bay Packers

6-1 LW: 4 Green Bay Packers

The defense is playing better, the offense is doing enough. The Packers look terrific.


Los Angeles Rams

6-1 LW: 3 Los Angeles Rams

A little scare against the Lions, but the Rams might be the most complete team in football.


Arizona Cardinals

7-0 LW: 2 Arizona Cardinals

Still unbeaten after crushing the Texans. Find the weakness with Arizona.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6-1 LW: 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The champs keep rolling.


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