NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Packers rise, Browns fall

NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Packers rise, Browns fall

In our latest NFL power rankings, the Green Bay Packers move up after knocking off the Arizona Cardinals, while the Cleveland Browns sink.


Detroit Lions

We might be looking at 0-17.


Houston Texans

1-7 LW: 31 Houston Texans

Nice fight at the end, but what a mess.


Jacksonville Jaguars

1-6 LW: 30 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had two weeks to prepare for Geno Smith and got hammered.


Miami Dolphins

1-7 LW: 28 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins might need a full house-cleaning after this season. Just ugly football.


New York Giants

2-6 LW: 27 New York Giants

Injuries and poor coaching have conspired to tank the season.


Washington Football Team

2-6 LW: 26 Washington Football Team

Remember when Washington was a trendy Super Bowl sleeper?


New York Jets

Mike White? Mike White! Impressive.


Chicago Bears

The offense is bad, the defense is average, and the end is near.


Atlanta Falcons

3-4 LW: 20 Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta gave its fans hope, but this is Atlanta, and hope died immediately.


Seattle Seahawks

3-5 LW: 25 Seattle Seahawks

Beating the Jaguars keeps the season alive. Now, Russell Wilson needs to come back.


Philadelphia Eagles

3-5 LW: 24 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles threw for 114 yards and no touchdowns, and scored 44 points.


Denver Broncos

4-4 LW: 23 Denver Broncos

Beating Washington (barely) is no tempered by trading away Von Miller.


Minnesota Vikings

3-4 LW: 15 Minnesota Vikings

Enough of the Vikings. What a ridiculous loss.


Carolina Panthers

4-4 LW: 22 Carolina Panthers

With their first win in five weeks, the Panthers find themselves firmly in the playoff chase.


Indianapolis Colts

3-5 LW: 14 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts should never have lost that game. Now they’re in real trouble.


San Francisco 49ers

3-4 LW: 18 San Francisco 49ers

Let’s not go nuts about the Niners. They’re an average team who beat a bad team.


Cleveland Browns

4-4 LW: 12 Cleveland Browns

The Browns are dangerously close to letting once grand expectations fall very flat.


Pittsburgh Steelers

4-3 LW: 19 Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh is staying alive, now winners of three straight. A date with Chicago is next.


New England Patriots

4-4 LW: 17 New England Patriots

Don’t ever, ever sleep on Bill Belichick.


Cincinnati Bengals

5-3 LW: 8 Cincinnati Bengals

You can’t lose to the Jets and be serious. Cincinnati got so much deserved love, but that’s awful.


Kansas City Chiefs

4-4 LW: 16 Kansas City Chiefs

We’re about to find out who the Chiefs are. Next three weeks: Packers, Raiders and Cowboys.


Los Angeles Chargers

4-3 LW: 11 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers came out of their bye, at home, and got bart by Mac Jones.


New Orleans Saints

5-2 LW: 13 New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton should be Coach of the Year. Now it gets tougher without Jameis Winston.


Las Vegas Raiders

5-2 LW: 10 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders have a real chance in the AFC West as they come out of their bye week.


Baltimore Ravens

5-2 LW: 9 Baltimore Ravens

Great week for Baltimore. Rest, and losses by the Bengals and Browns.


Buffalo Bills

The Bills switch between looking great and barely being able to beat the Dolphins.


Tennessee Titans

6-2 LW: 6 Tennessee Titans

The Titans stay here for now, but losing Derrick Henry is a crushing blow.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6-2 LW: 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have some real defensive issues. The secondary is a mess.


Arizona Cardinals

7-1 LW: 2 Arizona Cardinals

Not going to crush the Cardinals for losing one game, but that’s a rough way to go down.


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are winning every which way. Give the defense a ton of credit along with the coaching.


Green Bay Packers

7-1 LW: 4 Green Bay Packers

The Packers beat the Cardinals without half their starters. Incredibly impressive.


Los Angeles Rams

7-1 LW: 3 Los Angeles Rams

Best team in football just got better.

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