Pokemon GO December 2021 Community Day Best Pokemon Ranked

Pokemon GO December 2021 Community Day Best Pokemon Ranked

Pokemon GO’s bumper December 2021 Community Day is here and with it, 22 different available Pokemon, leaving people wondering which is best.

While 11 of them are 2020 Community Day Pokemon, 11 of them have been spotlighted in 2021.

This has left players wondering how they should dedicate their precious time and precious Pokeballs.

So, to help you out, here is our ranking of the best Pokemon GO December 2021 Community Day Pokemon and which ones you should catch.

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Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage





11. Duskull

Duskull was an extremely underwhelming Community Day earlier this year.

Dusknoir’s special move was effectively useless and it’s not a great Pokemon either way, plus its shiny form had already been released.

You can’t do much worse than aiming for Duskulls this year.

10. Shinx

It was cool to see Shinx step into the Community Day spotlight as, up until this point, it was a raid exclusive Pokemon. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t make it any good.

Giving Luxray Psychic Fangs as its Community Day move helped it climb the Great and Ultra League rankings a little, but it still doesn’t make a splash in any PVP mode and it doesn’t help it in Raid Battles.

9. Tepig

It’s always nice to have a new Shiny released in Pokemon GO, sadly, that’s about all that was good about Tepig’s Community Day.

Blast Burn is a really solid Fire-type move, Emboar just isn’t the Pokemon you want to have it on.

8. Machop

Although Machamp’s Pokemon GO Community Day move was a little bit rubbish, there is still merit to catching Machops.

It is still semi-relevant in PVP and can pack a punch in PVE, so it’s worth catching just to stock up on Candy, both XL and normal.

7. Roselia

The Roselia Community Day was fine.

Roserade is a solid Grass/Poison-type Pokemon but neither of its Community Day moves are fantastic. Bullet Seed is beaten out by Poison Jab and if you’re looking to go full Grass/Poison, Weather Ball doesn’t help it.

You could do worse than Roselia, you could also do better.

6. Eevee

Eevee was a tricky one to rank, but it ultimately ended up sixth for a variety of reasons.

Half of the Eeveelutions didn’t actually benefit from their Community Day moves and coupled with the fact that Eevee had already had a previous Community Day, it was a little underwhelming.

That being said, if you’re after a solid Sylveon, Umbreon or Leafeon, then you’re in luck, as these three are the big winners from 2021’s Community Day.

5. Oshawott

If you battle in the GO Battle League, you’ve likely come across a few Samurott and that’s mainly due to its Community Day move, Hydro Cannon.

While it doesn’t quite make the upper echelons of either the Great or Ultra Leagues, it’s still a solid pick.

4. Snivy

Like Samurott, Serperior is a bit of a mainstay in the GO Battle League, again, thanks to its Community Day move.

According to PVPoke, it’s the 50th best choice in the Ultra League, provided it’s powered up with XL Candies, so now’s your chance to stock up.

3. Fletchling

One of 2021’s more surprising Community Days turned out to be one of its best.

Talonflame has instantly become one of the Ultra League’s most competitive Pokemon and you can’t go too wrong with grabbing a ton of XL Candies for it here.

2. Gible

Arguably the most popular Community Day of this year was Gible. The Psuedo-Legendary Pokemon Garchomp is incredibly popular and coupled with a really good Community Day move was a very special Community Day.

It was only just pipped to the number one spot by the next Pokemon.

1. Swablu

Arguably, the king of 2021’s Pokemon GO Community Days is Swablu and its evolution Altaria.

Although it’s not traditionally the most exciting Pokemon, it absolutely tears it up in Pokemon GO’s Great League, even more so now it can learn Moonblast.

Here is the order that we think you should be prioritising the December 2021 Community Day Raid Bosses:

11. Abra
10. Magmar
9. Electabuzz
8. Porygon
7. Weedle
6. Seedot
5. Piplup
4. Gastly
3. Magikarp
2. Charmander
1. Rhyhorn

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