Super Bowl 57 drinking game for Chiefs vs. Eagles 2023

Super Bowl 57 drinking game for Chiefs vs. Eagles 2023

Chances are, you aren’t going to be in Glendale to watch the Philadelphia Eagles face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 57. Even if you are, though, there’s a good chance that you’re with good friends or family — and that some adult beverages will be involved. But who wants to just drink aimlessly? Play the Super Bowl 57 drinking game instead!

Especially if you aren’t that into football and couldn’t care less whether it’s Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts who wins a Super Bowl on Sunday, having a game to play during the game and involving every aspect of the night just makes too much sense.

We want you be safe, we want you to be responsible. When the Chiefs vs. Eagles matchups starts on Sunday evening, though, play along with this highly specified Super Bowl 57 drinking game.

Super Bowl 2023 Drinking Game

Here are the most important rules of the Super Bowl 57 drinking game. First, drink responsibly. Second, do not drink and drive. Third, pace yourself — it’s okay to take a quarter off if you need to. And finally, don’t be afraid of the water. H2O is your friend.

Oh, and probably play this game with a beer, a seltzer, or a weak (very weak) cocktail just to make sure you’re being responsible.

Take a Drink if…

  • A point is scored — literally every time
  • If a flag is thrown
  • Patrick Mahomes’ ankle injury is mentioned
  • There is a sack or turnover
  • A commercial parodies or rips off a famous TV show or movie
  • There is a compilation of funny Andy Reid quotes shown
  • A play results in a loss of yards and isn’t a sack
  • The Phillies losing in the World Series gets mentioned
  • Rihanna sings “Umbrella”
  • The Philly Special is brought up
  • A commercial makes you cry (tearing up counts, sip up)
  • Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce being brothers is mentioned
  • Jalen Hurts’ college career at Alabama and Oklahoma is brought up

Take two drinks if…

  • The first touchdown is scored
  • The Andy Reid Punt, Pass, Kick competition video is shown or mentioned
  • A streaker runs onto the field (and right into the drunk tank)
  • Tom Brady’s retirement is mentioned
  • A player has a rush of 20+ yards
  • A player has a reception of 40+ yards
  • Nick Sirianni looks into the camera while showboating
  • A player is flagged for taunting
  • The refs miss a call (obvious penalty, incompletion, etc.)
  • Aaron Rodgers’ darkness retreat is talked about

Finish your drink if…

  • You hit a bet on the spread, moneyline or total
  • You hit a prop bet with +500 odds or longer
  • Any player scores multiple touchdowns (passing touchdowns don’t count)
  • A Jackson Mahomes TikTok is shown on the broadcast
  • Rihanna brings out more than one guest during the halftime show

Take a shot if…

  • An offensive lineman or defensive player scores a touchdown on offense
  • A political commercial (either way) comes on
  • There are 3+ consecutive three-and-out drives
  • 65+ points are scored combined in the game
  • A non-quarterback throws a touchdown pass
  • A quarterback catches a touchdown pass

Climb up a greased up telephone pole if…

  • The Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl 57

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