McConnell Warns Biden He Won’t Help Raise the Debt Ceiling Next Time

WASHINGTON — A day after dropping his party’s blockade and allowing action to temporarily increase the federal debt ceiling, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, warned President Biden on Friday that he had no intention of doing so again, reviving

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Debt Ceiling Fight Gives Democrats Ammunition Against Filibuster

WASHINGTON — Leading Senate Democrats increasingly see the Republican blockade against raising the federal debt limit as clear justification for changing the chamber’s filibuster rule, a long-shot effort that so far has lacked the unanimous support within their ranks it

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House Democrats pass debt ceiling increase that won’t get through Senate

House Democrats passed standalone legislation to raise the debt ceiling on Wednesday in a 219-212 vote, which is expected to be blocked by GOP lawmakers in the Senate in coming days. Its largely symbolic passage comes two days after GOP

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