Egypt’s e-commerce platform Wasla nabs $9 million from retail finance provider Contact

Contact Financial Holding, Egypt’s non-bank consumer finance provider, has invested $9 million in the country’s ecommerce super-app Wasla, setting the stage for the rollout of new online shopping capabilities, products and regional expansion. Contact has been in the business of

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Microsoft Outlook shows real person’s contact info for IDN phishing emails

If you receive an email from someone@arstechnі, is it really from someone at Ars? Most definitely not—the domain in that email address is not the same that you know. The ‘і’ character in there is from the Cyrillic script and

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Woman claims ‘affair’ with chimpanzee after zoo bars her from contact

A Belgian zoo has asked a woman to stop visiting the chimpanzee with whom she claims to be “in love” because she’s making it hard for him to fit in with his own kind. The Antwerp Zoo says it has

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