Notorious TrickBot Malware Gang Shuts Down its Botnet Infrastructure

The modular Windows crimeware platform known as TrickBot formally shuttered its infrastructure on Thursday after reports emerged of its imminent retirement amid a lull in its activity for almost two months, marking an end to one of the most persistent

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TrickBot Gang Likely Shifting Operations to Switch to New Malware

TrickBot, the infamous Windows crimeware-as-a-service (CaaS) solution that’s used by a variety of threat actors to deliver next-stage payloads like ransomware, appears to be undergoing a transition of sorts, with no new activity recorded since the start of the year.

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17 US missionaries abducted by Haitian gang: Report

As many as 17 U.S. Christian missionaries and their family members — including children — were kidnapped by gang members in Haiti while they were leaving an orphanage, Haitian security officials told The New York Times. Local officials said the

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