Three Months After Hurricane Ida, Residents Are Still Waiting for FEMA Housing

It wasn’t until November of 2021 that every resident was placed in temporary housing after Hurricane Laura hit southwest Louisiana in August of 2020, though many residents were put in units before then. After Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area

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The Challenge's Tony Raines Shares Harrowing Details From Hurricane Ida Experience

The Challenge star Tony Raines is grateful for everything he still has in his life after a tough experience with Hurricane Ida. On Thursday, Sept. 9, the 33-year-old Champs vs. Stars winner shared photos to Instagram that showed the destruction

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Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana and then didn’t really weaken. Why?

Enlarge / Hurricane Ida had a distinct eye as it approached the Louisiana coast on Sunday morning. NOAA Hurricane Ida roared into the southern US state of Louisiana on Sunday at 11:55 am local time (16:55 UTC) with sustained winds

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