‘No Man’s Sky’ Sentinel Update Brings Combat Overhaul, Graphics Bump for PS4 Pro

No Man’s Sky’s redemption arc isn’t over yet, as the open universe space sim has added some new combat challenges to the game in its 3.8 update, dubbed ‘Sentinel’. If you’re playing on PSVR via PlayStation 4 Pro, the update

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Supreme Court Weighs Condemned Man’s Wish for Pastor’s Touch

Justice Alito noted that the Supreme Court has taken a variety of approaches to suits in which death row inmates asked that their spiritual advisers be present to comfort them during their last minutes. The new case, Ramirez v. Collier,

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Pompeii tomb reveals formerly enslaved man’s rise to wealth and power

Pompeii Archaeological Park Archaeologists working in Pompeii recently unearthed the tomb and partially mummified remains of a man who died a few decades before the eruption. The man, Marcus Venerius Secundio, according to his epitaph, had once been enslaved, but

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