California’s Western Monarch Butterflies Are Making a Comeback

But why are they rebounding? That, experts say, remains unclear. It could simply be that the butterflies had an especially good breeding season (insects can reproduce rapidly, and their populations do tend to fluctuate), or that especially warm fall weather

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Silent changes to Western Digital’s budget SSD may lower speeds by up to 50%

Enlarge / Newer versions of Western Digital’s WD Blue SN550 may perform worse than older ones. Western Digital’s WD Blue SN550 budget SSD is a well-reviewed, popular NVMe device that has regularly shown up on various sites’ “best SSD” lists

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'Cowboy Bebop': Everything We Know About Netflix's Space Western

Another cult favorite is coming to life. Cowboy Bebop is getting a live-action adaptation — and Netflix finally released details about the highly anticipated TV show. The series is a space western about bounty hunters traveling through space in the

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