TikTok confirms that pilot testing of the TikTok story is currently underway – TechCrunch

TikTok confirms that pilot testing of the TikTok story is currently underway – TechCrunch

twitter May have shut down Its story feature is known as the fleet, but the story format continues to invade other social platforms. TikTok today confirmed that it is piloting a new feature, TikTok Stories. This allows the community to explore additional ways to realize creative ideas.

The company states that in addition to existing storytelling tools such as video, Duets, Stitch and LIVE, new features will be another option. It is not intended to replace these.

TikTok does not say how long the pilot test will run or whether it will be open to the public. However, I understand that the tests are running for days, not weeks or months. For the time being, it will be available in a small number of markets outside the United States for the purpose of gaining insight and feedback from TikTok users.

The current set of features may or may not be included in published products. You need to be warned.

This feature was discovered by a social media consultant Matt Nabara, One of the first to discover new features in social apps. In this case, he says some tales brought screenshots of TikTok Stories, but it was initially unclear if it was a hoax.

Of course, the timing was a bit suspicious. Twitter is Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and more recently Pinterest..

Screenshots and videos of running Tik Tok Stories show products that most often look familiar to Stories users on other platforms.

Users can create their first story by tapping the camera button from the new navigation bar on the left side of the screen and use such common tools to add text and stickers, insert sounds, and more. , You can use effects on the content. Like other platforms, users can record videos or upload photos. The latter opens TikTok to take advantage of the user’s larger camera roll, rather than relying solely on video.

What sets TikTok’s story version apart is that users can publicly comment on the author’s content. The app explains that these comments are public because each other’s friends can see each other’s comments. There is also another tab where you can see how many users have viewed a particular story and whether they are following them. If you want, you can click the button to follow other users.

The TikTok story is also temporary and disappears in 24 hours, the app tutorial explains.

To view the stories of other creators, scroll through the new sidebar and tap the creator’s avatar to watch the content. (This looks like a vertical version of Twitter’s fleet bar, down to the blue ring around the creator’s profile picture.)

With the addition of stories, TikTok users who don’t post regularly (or at all) will have an easy way to get started with TikTok’s tools by starting in a more comfortable and familiar format. You can also provide creators with a casual way to interact with their fans between more sophisticated and edited TikTok video posts.

However, TikTok will eventually provide a much larger surface on which ads can be run, assuming that the unavoidable attempts to circumvent the community guidelines resulting from the activation of the “ephemeral” feature can be adequately mitigated first. increase.

This feature is also a direct shot across the Instagram bow after a Facebook-owned app attempts to copy TikTok directly in Reels.

TikTok didn’t say specifically which markets could try the TikTok story. However, the screenshots show the features described in English and Android phones.

The story may have failed on Twitter, but the platform is not known as the home of rich and creative tools like TikTok. TikTok, on the other hand, believes in finding creative tools that allow users to express themselves. It’s through video, livestreaming, interaction with other users, or now temporary, short-form content.

https://techcrunch.com/2021/08/04/tiktok-confirms-pilot-test-of-tiktok-stories-is-now-underway/ TikTok confirms that pilot testing of the TikTok story is currently underway – TechCrunch

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