What is Android Stock?

What is Android Stock?

What is Android Stock?

What is stock Android exactly? If you’re looking to learn as much as you can about stock Android, this is where you need to be!

What is Android Stock?

Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go: the differences explained

Everything You Need to Know About the

Core OS Your Android smartphone is most likely out of stock. Most manufacturers put their own software on top of Android’s core operating system, a process known as “skinning”. If you have a current phone from Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi, or even Google, use an Android skin.

You may have read somewhere on the internet that the pure Android version is superior to these skins. This is a very subjective opinion, but it may have piqued your curiosity. What exactly is standard Android? Is it really better than an Android skin? How do you get an Android phone in stock?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this article!

What is Stock Android? Stock Android at a Glance

The purest version of Android is colloquially referred to as AOSP, which refers to the Android OpenSource Project. This version of the operating system is the “standard” status, without Google apps, without adjustments or additional functions. Generally, all versions of Android are based on this version.

Now you can install the AOSP version of Android on a phone and name it “Stock”. However, for most real-world cases, Android stock is a step above that. It usually features the inclusion of Google apps, including the increasingly important Google Play Store. However, like the AOSP version, the standard Android generally doesn’t offer any additional customizations (or at least a very limited number).

Every year Google releases a new version of Android. All new features, bug fixes, and improvements to the operating system will be carried over to the Android inventory. However, you need to check with your phone manufacturer to see if and when this update will show up on your device.

There are many people who think that Android Stock is superior to other versions because of its simplicity. In general, versions of Android contain “bloatware” (pre-installed applications that you may or may not want) and are “heavy” (which means they contain a lot of extra code that could slow down the operating system). These problems make some users want a simpler and lighter version of Android than the standard variant offers. However, the skin versions of Android often have many more features available. For example, a native dark mode only landed on Android on standard Android. 10, while the fur variants had this property for years.

The latest stock version of Android

The latest stable version of Android is Android 11 which was released in 2020. In 2021, we will see the release of Android 12 latest Android versions quickly as the cell phone manufacturer doesn’t have to make a lot of software changes. However, this does not guarantee that all phones will always have the latest version. Manufacturers only keep phone software up-to-date for a limited period of time, so eventually phones get old. You’ll need to check with your specific manufacturer to determine how long your phone will display updates.

Note that there are some programs out there that do essentially standard Android without using that terminology. For example, phones within the Android One program use a slightly modified version of standard Android. Android we explain it in detail in the following article.

How to Check Your Version and Updates

It is very easy to check which version of Android you are using. On your standard Android phone, do the following:

Go to Android Settings by tapping the gear icon in the notification window or the Settings app in the app drawer.
Scroll down there and tap About phone.
Scroll a little until you find your version of Android.
If you find that you have an older version of Android, there may be an update for you. To check for Android updates with standard Android, proceed as follows:

Go to the Android settings by tapping the gear icon in the notification bar or the Settings app in the app drawer.
Scroll down there and tap on System.
On the System page, tap Advanced at the bottom of the list. This will expand the list to reveal more options.
You will now see System Update in the list below.
Tap the “Check for Update” button to see if an update is available.
If no update is available but you have an older version of Android, your phone may be too old for new updates. It is also possible that the latest update is not yet available for your phone. Contact your phone manufacturer for more information.

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