3 NFL quarterbacks who could be benched Week 3

3 NFL quarterbacks who could be benched Week 3


The NFL season is only two weeks old, but these three quarterbacks are already in danger of being benched by the time Week 3 concludes. 

That may seem like a drastic measure to take in some instances, but sticking with the wrong signal-caller is the best way to flush an entire season down the drain.

Not every team that’s contemplating a quarterback change comes into this weekend entirely devoid of wins. Teams that limp into Week 3 at 0-2 certainly stand a higher chance of making a high-profile switch, but a few 1-1 teams are eyeing their backup quarterbacks with envy as well.

The following three quarterbacks should keep a close eye on the sidelines this weekend if their respective teams start to falter.


3. Jameis Winston

Heading to New England to take on the Patriots is not an ideal place for Winston to bounce back this weekend.

Throw in head coach Sean Payton’s admiration for backup Taysom Hill and it’s easy to envision a scenario where Winston heads to the sidelines if he throws a couple of early interceptions against Bill Belichick’s defense.

Sticking with Winston is the right long-term play for New Orleans, but Payton sees something in Hill that few others around the league do. A quarterback controversy is just another couple of poor Winston decisions for the Saints.

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