5 teams that should trade for Allen Robinson

5 teams that should trade for Allen Robinson


As the Nov. 2 trade deadline approaches, NFL teams on the cusp of a playoff berth should make moves to poach Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson II.

There are two things to say about Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson II right now: he’s not the third-round fantasy draft pick he was projected to be, and it’s only a matter of time until he leaves Chicago.

With less than a week until the Tuesday trade deadline, the Bears could lean on their biggest leverage in the trading realm. Chicago drafted Justin Fields this spring and plans to rebuild the team with Fields and Mack, but the 28-year-old Robinson II could be more valuable as a trading chip at this point.

It’s not that Robinson II has declined in his potential — it’s that he isn’t reaching his potential on a depleted Bears offense.

This season, Robinson II has gotten 35 or less yards in five of his seven games, and he hasn’t gotten more than 63 yards in any game. Robinson II only has one touchdown to his name this year, demonstrating an inability to properly utilize his talent.

Here are five potential landings spots that could use Robinson II to propel their path to the 2021 postseason.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are currently leading the AFC West, and if they want to keep it that way, they’d do well to trade for Allen Robinson II.

It was the Raiders who traded away Khalil Mack for draft capital in 2018, and those picks ultimately improved the Raiders offense. The Raiders drafted running back Josh Jacobs and wide receiver Bryan Edwards with two of the picks received from that trade, but their wide receiver depth isn’t what it could be. They could certainly use someone like Robinson II on the field.

Ruggs III is already blossoming in his second season, but having the opportunity to learn from Robinson II could make him even better.

Robinson II would be an interesting weapon for the Raiders to have onfield that could give them an even stronger chance at a postseason play. If the team does trade for him, it’s certain he’ll get a little more work than 35 yards a game.

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