7 Tips to Help You Authenticate a Rolex Watch

7 Tips to Help You Authenticate a Rolex Watch

A Rolex is the first watch successful people add to their collection. It is the first timepiece a manager gets to complement his aura of success, seriousness, and luxury. Not only is the brand prestigious and classic, but it is also an excellent fashion piece with an excellent resale value.

You can buy a Rolex from authorized retailers worldwide like https://www.watchpalace.com.sg or get a resale watch. Now, if you are purchasing a resale watch, you will want to know if you are paying for an authentic timepiece or not. Hence, the need for Rolex authentication in Singapore.

In this guide, we consider 7 crucial tips that help in authenticating Rolex watches:

How to Authenticate your Rolex

1. The back case

An authentic Rolex will have a blank back case. It is fake if you notice any stamp, engraved logos, or embossed cases. Also, an original Rolex will have no writings, such as “Made in Switzerland.”

2. Engraving

A genuine Rolex timepiece has engraved writing on the inside of the case cover. The words also follow an order, as follows:

Case Material stamping
An engraved Rolex logo
A case model engraving

If your Rolex is missing one or more of these features, you are working with a fake model. Additional information is also an indication that the watch is not authentic.

3. Lugs

The lugs of an original Rolex will include an engraved Orig, followed by the design and model of your timepiece. If any is missing or in a different font, there is a high chance the watch is a fake.

“Berlin German – March 31, 2012: Collection of Rolex watches on display in a showcase of a dealer in Berlin.”

4. Rolex Crown

The embossed Rolex crown will be in the correct size. Nothing too big or too small. The detailing around the edges is top-notch, and there will be a line under the uniform-height crown.

Anything short of this is fake. It could be a lack of symmetry, three dots under the crown instead of a line, or even an inaccurate crown representation.

5. Bracelet Link

Rolex is a high-quality timepiece. So, you expect that all components will be strong, with clear-cut edges. The bracelet link is among them. So, if you have a Rolex with feeble steel edges, and can fit into the lugs in whatever size, then you have a fake watch in your hands.

6. Clasp

An original Rolex has a laser-engraved clasp. It contains a Rolex logo and other engravings like “Geneva,” “Swiss Made,” “Rolex SA,” or “Steelinox.” It also includes a crown on the outer side with precise details.

A fake Rolex watch will most likely have embossed crowns on both sides, with poor-quality detailing on the crown.

7. Internal Movements

Internal movements mark the most significant difference between an authentic Rolex timepiece and a fake. An ordinary eye may not notice, but at Watch Palace, we have Rolex experts who can tell the difference at a glance.

Usually, an original Rolex has model-specific movement caliber. The rotor has no markings, and the window fits into the gold engravings to display beautiful Rolex and Geneve Swiss markings as it turns.

The watch has no screws but instead connects to the rotor via a turning link. Under no circumstances can an original Rolex timepiece rotor result in scratching.

A fake Rolex will have a shortcoming in one of these pointers. It could be poor-quality windows or engravings on the outside of the glass. Most of the time, the wordings are not in gold color. As for the gears, they leave friction marks because they lack plating found in an original Rolex.


A Rolex is a timepiece associated with class and wealth. You should not be with a fake watch on your wrist. If you wish to buy or sell a Rolex in Singapore, it is crucial to authenticate it. This way, you get the real value for your money. Visit their site and talk to staff trained to inspect and service Rolex watches. You can also visit them for Rolex watch authentication in Singapore anytime to determine the actual value of your timepiece.


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