Amazing Klaviyo Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

Amazing Klaviyo Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

Klaviyo is considered a robust SMS and email marketing kit to help ecommerce businesses segregate their audience, customize their advertising and promotional campaigns, and drive sales. The idea to connect with your customers through their inboxes has brought great value to the brand, either small or large.

According to some ecommerce agencies, the best Klaviyo marketing strategies help them enhance their customers’ experience and increase brand loyalty. Take a look at some.

Develop an abandonment email strategy to transform Window Shoppers

Some email strategies to capture the attention of your customers and boost your conversion rates are:

·        Find out who are the window shoppers

Usually, ecommerce stores ignore those who visited their website for a specific product many times but did not take action. The idea is to transform those prospects into customers using the Klaviyo abandonment email sequence. The sequence can include information about limited offers or other combo products to increase their desirability.

·        Testing Hi’s

Subject lines are important to boost introductions. Always choose good subject lines to enhance your open rate. Klaviyo says a good opening rate will be higher than 20%, and a great one will be more than 25%.

·        Simplify things

Always add a simple to access “Contact Us” link with your mails. It will simplify the customers to contact you with zero friction.

Offer a one-time use dynamic code to boost post-purchasing

Use the capability of Klaviyo’s Shopify integration to boost repeat purchases. Draft a post-purchase pattern to provide customers with better options if they shop in 1 or 2 days. Use a one-time code to offer a discount on their purchase.

Such emails with expired discounts may work as a prompter for the customer.

Target shoppers depending on their behavior

Email segmentation enhances your Klaviyo returns. Selecting the right message to the right people is easy. Just speak to your subscribers, find out about their journey, and retarget them depending on their behavior. Be specific about their product taste and category to boost conversion.

Collect first-hand details from customers to boost segmentation

It is important to collect as much information as possible from your customers. With that data, you can use Klaviyo’s segmentation and group customers and send relevant messages to everyone. You don’t have to function like an inbox spammer. Try to make your customers feel excited about your emails.

Choose the right number email send times to boost open rates

Firstly, sending converting flow mails such as abandoned cart emails, welcoming emails, and more is recommended. Then you can focus on sending newsletters to create engagement. After the results are visible, customize the segment till you reach a sweet spot with 20% or more open rates.

Add SMS to your email to link with customers

SMS Marketing continues to be a big part of your promotion strategy. Integrating SMS with email marketing gives you amazing results. It opens better options for you to link with your prospects using different mediums with segmenting abilities to customize your promotional strategies correctly.

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