Apple extends lead time for iPhone 14 Pro

Apple extends lead time for iPhone 14 Pro

Lead time for the newly launched iPhone 14 Pro will be taking longer than usual, mostly due to the high demand for the smartphone.

The Apple Product Availability Tracker has the iPhone 14 at the shortest, with consumers able to get the device in three days on average. The iPhone 14 Pro has a significantly longer delay at 35 days on average, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max is set at 41 days. Finally, the iPhone 14 Plus has an average delivery time of 21 days but will be largely available starting October 7.

The report says that in relation to the iPhone 13, the lead times have become much shorter for the new flagship lineup, with the exception of the Pro models.

In the wearables department, the Apple Watch Series 8 has a lead time of 25 days on average, while the Apple Watch Ultra is set to have a 37 day delivery time.

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