Are Packers subtly preparing for life without Aaron Rodgers?

Are Packers subtly preparing for life without Aaron Rodgers?

The Packers are (in intelligent fashion) preparing for life without Aaron Rodgers by giving Jordan Love some first-team reps.

Rodgers‘ foot injury has been a topic of conversation for weeks now, and rightly so. Though it hasn’t necessarily hampered him in games, it has kept Rodgers out of practice.

The future Hall-of-Fame quarterback has little need for walk-through practices and film sessions at this point. He can read defenses on the fly — it’s part of what makes him so great. Rodgers’ heir-apparent, however, does not yet have that experience.

LaFleur said that Jordan Love will take all the reps today in practice with Rodgers sidelined again.

— Tom Silverstein (@TomSilverstein) December 16, 2021

With Rodgers out, the Packers are giving Love first-team reps. This isn’t the first time Green Bay has given Love that experience, either, despite the fact they fully expect Rodgers to play.

When will Aaron Rodgers leave Packers?

Give Green Bay some credit — they’ve backed Rodgers throughout his COVID-19 controversy, and even chased potential weapons like Odell Beckham Jr. They hope to re-sign Rodgers’ favorite target in Davante Adams as well.

They heard Rodgers’ complaints loud and clear. Even if it doesn’t help them keep Rodgers long-term, it’s not for a lack of trying. Green Bay has had sustained success. If Rodgers still demands out, he’s taking a chance on his own behalf.

If Rodgers still wants to leave the Pack, he should do so this offseason. He’s not getting any younger, and he can make the greatest of impacts starting in the 2022 season on a new team. He can also get the Packers the greatest possible return as a younger player.

Meanwhile, it looks like Love is at least getting some reps and experience as a first-team player. It’s a win-win…sort of.

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