Bloxburg Elf Locations 2021 – Where to find all the Elves

Bloxburg Elf Locations 2021 – Where to find all the Elves

Every year, Bloxburg rolls out a special update during the month of December where players go on Elf Hunt.

Similarly, this year, developers have introduced the Elf Hunt 2021 where you are tasked to locate the elves hidden on the map. This article discusses Bloxburg Elf locations in 2021 and where to find all the Elves.

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Roblox | Vans World Trailer





What are Elves in Bloxburg?

Well, in general, Elves are small supernatural creatures that are usually associated with Christmas. In Bloxburg, Elves are located throughout the map and the players have to find them out to earn massive rewards.

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How many Elves are there in Bloxburg?

In the Elf Hunt 2021, there are multiple Elves inside the map. As they are no clues or tips to find them, players must travel to each and every corner of the entire map to search them out. Till now, we could only find two Elves and will make sure to update the article when we get to find more of them.

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Bloxburg Elves locations

As mentioned above, we could only find two of them. The first Elf was found in the tunnel near the observatory. All you have to do is simply rush to the observatory and look for the Elf near the left side entrance of the tunnel. The Elf stands still near the corner of the wall.

The second Elf can be found near the snow grounds of a building, under a tree. You can hear the jingle sound, simply follow it to locate the Elf. Once you found it, you will be rewarded with 2500 Money.

Take a look at the video by PeetahBread to find out more about the second Elf in the hunt. Make sure to visit our page as we will be adding new articles related to Bloxburg Elf Locations 2021.

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