Confused About the Nursery School Admission Process? A Guide!

Confused About the Nursery School Admission Process? A Guide!

Getting their kid into his/her first school is no less than a war for parents. The rigorous nursery school admission process, documentation, personal interaction rounds, etc., makes the whole process daunting and time-consuming. But, as one cannot ignore, or escape this process, following set rules, regulations, and strategies can help reduce the stress throughout the process.

Furthermore, Do you know that nursery school admission varies according to the school and regulatory body and even the same process for different schools? Though some documentation and internal rounds can be the same, the overall process’s flow varies. Therefore, to know the school-specific guidelines, and strategies, it is important that you consider the trusted sources from that institution only.

But, to help you in general nursery school admissions, we have a helpful guide for you-

Check schools nearby

When it comes to nursery schools, parents often prefer ones that are near to their residences. Thus, to begin with, always start looking for nearby international schools, specialized nursery schools, and Montessori schools.

While doing this, get an idea of the quality of education, and admission start and finish dates. This will make sure you don’t miss a track on application start and finish dates.

Get an application form and basic information

Once you have shortlisted nearby international schools, the next step is to get an application form and basic information. This information can be of what all documents are needed, what are the rounds of selecting students. At this step, also, get information on the school’s quality of education, reputation, and previous years’ results. This would help you measure if you are choosing the right type of nursery school for your kid or not.

Interview or one-on-one interaction with a kid

Today, the majority of the nursery school admission process includes a step where teachers or selectors interact one-on-one with prospective students to measure the thinking, motor skills, and activeness of a child. As this is quite difficult for a kid who is facing all that for the first time, parents are often advised to train their kids for this round.

So, gather information. As in, what type of question can a selector ask, what all tasks will be there, and also, how tough the competition will be? Knowing all this would aid you in training your child and also help you get your kid enrolled in school on the first try.

Analyze the environment and choose the session

A nursery school’s environment plays a vital role in the development of a child. As children are very active in learning things that they see, analyzing a school’s environment becomes paramount. Look at the school’s already running batches, interact with faculty, and carefully understand if the environment of a nursery school is appropriate for your child or not!

Considering all these factors would make your kid’s nursery school admission seamless. Further, if you are looking for recommendations in Ahmedabad, consider Global Indian International school or GIIS. The school has a sound reputation and follows a fair process for nursery school admission.

Positive discipline and patience

Parents need to stay involved as children grow and discover the world around them. It is helpful for parents to know about the discipline policy of the school and try to understand their style of inculcating discipline in students. Parents also need to set rules in the house so that children are clear about their obligations at home. When misbehavior occurs, it’s important to find out what your child is trying to tell you.

Infrastructure and Security

Finding out about the school’s infrastructure is important as you want your child to be able to access a good library, smart classrooms, and activity rooms. Other areas of importance include labs and computer facilities that enable students to learn in a modern environment. These are essential for a rounded development and there is no better place to do this than a quality school.

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