How Data Enrichment Tool Can Help Prepare Your Database and Convert More Leads?

How Data Enrichment Tool Can Help Prepare Your Database and Convert More Leads?

Ever wondered how data could make a difference in your marketing campaign? And how it can help redefine your business and grow revenue? Well, whether you’re finding a prospect, investor, or recruit, you will need accurate data to pitch your offerings to the right audience at the right time.

But how do you do this?

A data enrichment tool like can be a smart step towards improving business value and gaining real-time leads with an accurate and up-to-date database. It extracts key information from verified web sources and picks an audience segment that might be looking for your products/ or services. Read on to know how it works and can be an effective option for targeting and lead generation.

Overview of Data Enrichment

The data enrichment process refers to enhancing collected data with comprehensive context obtained from various sources. The additional relevant information on your leads can help you understand buyers’ persona, purchase history, site visits, behavioral patterns, and interests. Let’s say, you have a leads’ name but you would need more details like email address, phone number, social media URLs, contacts of family offices, etc. to create a highly personalized campaign.

A tool can help you gather info on several parameters, including geography, demographics, desires, means of communication, professional data, and much more. This can help salespeople to stay away from invalid, mistyped, or incorrect emails, which in turn lower the bounce rate, increase email deliverability, and maintain reputation.

There are dozens of data enrichment solutions available in the market, but we recommend you due to its artificial intelligence, smart data model, and robust capabilities.

Say Goodbye to Incomplete Records and Tap into Reliable Dataset

You can’t secure desired results with incomplete, incorrect, or outdated data. You can’t waste plenty of time on manual data entry or hunt on search engines to take data-backed decisions. Plus, how would you know if gathered information from various sources is correct and fully verified?

With a lead prospecting engine like in place, your salespeople can have complete, accurate, and verified data on leads and other valuable insights at their fingertips. It collects attributes and relevant info from various data sources with continuous improvements powered by AI and advanced filter tags. It allows you to have a count of the target market, revenue, location, contact information, and more in order to start conversations with a segmented audience and set your business up your success.

Unmatched Capabilities:

To know ongoing industry trends, you can seek real-time industry updates and further customize your leads depending on your needs. Whether you need info of companies that got funded recently, people wanted to switch jobs, or whatever else.

You will have a smart filter to customize search on various parameters like location, industry, education, job title, and so on. It offers the most relevant search results and real-time bulk leads using advanced bulk search.

You can get verified data by filter tags and customize your search accordingly. You can access comprehensive profiles, verified email IDs and phone numbers, or whatever segment or category you’re looking for.

Never be afraid of cold calling again, with the contact finder tool. You can simply find phone numbers from addresses or find someone by phone number. You can also get contact details by uploading the Indian startup database or investors’ database to reach decision-makers directly.

It is now easy to locate someone’s email address or business email IDs with the right tool and tactics. You can also access someone’s social media emails via LinkedIn or Facebook or by using their phone numbers.

Use advanced bulk search to find CEOs, CFOs, financial advisors, investors, startups, and other information. Simply, upload your Indian investor database or startup database to get the most up-to-date and comprehensive data.


Acquiring high-quality and complete data is no more a challenge for businesses. As we suggest using a lead prospecting tool like It track, collect, enrich, and make the best out of meaningful data. When companies rely on data to reach decision-makers. It improves accuracy, aids in customer target, and adds more value to the business.

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