Dynazenon x Gridman Movie & Why Ultraman Fans Are Hyped

Dynazenon x Gridman Movie & Why Ultraman Fans Are Hyped

The special Ultraman event, Tsuburaya Convention 2021 Special Program happened on December 13, 2021, revealing new projects most notably an SSSS Gridman x SSSS Dynazenon crossover anime movie.

While both Gridman and Dynazenon have finished, Tsuburaya and Studio Trigger aren’t done yet and are bringing back both series together in a single anime movie. The movie has no official title yet, as Gridman x Dynazenon is a tentative title.

Several release dates in Japan and trailers for upcoming Ultraman projects were revealed as well. We’ve got all the news below.

Genshin Impact | Arataki Itto Character Demo Trailer

Gridman x Dynazenon anime movie announcement news hype fans

First, this is a new movie project by Studio Trigger. And while TV series by Trigger are amazing, the movies are always something else. Many fans still consider the Little Witch Academia movies and Promare as the best thing Trigger did (after Turning Girls).

Furthermore, director Akira Amemiya is coming back as well as the Gridman and Dynazenon core staff. It’s very likely this crossover movie will be the epitome of all the SSSS projects so far. Reimagining and rebooting the live-action series into anime, and ending with an awesome crossover. Overall, this is a great occasion to get into the series now, and into Ultraman as a whole.

Tsuburaya Convention 2021 Special Program news with even more Ultraman

Shin Ultraman new release date in Japan

Furthermore, the Gridman x Dynazenon movie isn’t the sole thing you should be hyped for. The Tsuburaya event also had other announcements. Hideaki Anno brought back Shin Ultraman with a new trailer after its release got delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The movie is now coming on May 13, 2022, in Japan. No plans were announced in the West yet.

Kaiju Decode gets a CG anime film and a VR anime film

Kaiju Decode is a joint project between Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation. First announced in 2019, Kaiju Decode now has a CG anime and a VR anime released. CG anime Kaiju Decode is available for now only in Japan on Tsuburaya Imagination, a VOD platform.

Meanwhile, VR anime Kaiju Decode First Contact is on Oculus Quest.
A trailer and key visual showing the mega cute Kaiju Uku, who appears in both films, was released.

New Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga movie release date in Japan & trailer

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga will get its final installment, Ultraman Trigger Episode Z, getting released in Japan on March 18, 2022. Both in theaters and on Tsuburaya Imagination.

Ultraman Netflix anime season 2 release date revealed

The Ultraman Netflix anime is getting a season 2 worldwide in April 2022. Legendary seiyuu Junichi Suwabe will most notably be back and still voicing Pedant.

Ultraman Another Gene manga announced

This is a manga and spin-off based on Ultraman Geed. The manga will be drawn by Gurihiru, who shared this visual on Twitter.

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