Everything new coming to Apple Music in iOS 17

Everything new coming to Apple Music in iOS 17

Apple gave us a sneak peek of iOS 17 at their big WWDC 2023 event. While they didn’t talk about Apple Music during the show, they’ve actually added some cool new features to the app. So, here’s the scoop on what you can expect!

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Here’s what’s new with Apple Music in the upcoming iOS 17, simplified for you:

Share Tunes in the Car: Now, you can use SharePlay to control the music while driving, thanks to CarPlay. Everyone in the car can chip in and pick songs.

Playlist Parties: Later this year, you and your friends will be able to co-create playlists. You can even use emojis to react to song picks.

Favorite Songs at Your Fingertips: There’s a new ‘Favorite Songs’ playlist coming to your Library. Just ask Siri to find it for you!

Personalized Library: Choose your favorite songs, albums, or artists and they’ll automatically pop into your Library, fine-tuning your recommendations.

Animated Album Covers: These aren’t just for artist pages anymore; you’ll see them in your music player, too.

All About the Artists: Get the full scoop on who contributed to your favorite tracks—like who played what instrument.

Widget Wonders: Play or pause music directly from the new widget. Plus, more options like ‘Top Charts’ are coming.

New Look Mini-Player: It’s now rounded and less in-your-face.

Smooth Song Transitions: iOS finally gets the crossfade feature. Choose how long you want the overlap between songs to be.

Smart Speaker Suggestions: Open the Music app, and it’ll prompt you to play music on your most-used HomePods or smart speakers. It even knows which room you’re in.

Memory Lane in a Journal App: Apple will soon release a Journal app that’ll give you personalized prompts to jot down memories, based on things like the songs you’ve listened to.

Karaoke Time: With Apple Music Sing, use your iPhone and Apple TV to sing along to songs, complete with live lyrics on the screen.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on any new features rolling out in the beta versions of iOS 17.

That’s the rundown of what’s new and coming soon to Apple Music in iOS 17!

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