Gervonta Davis And Ryan Garcia Agree On IG Live To Bet Their Full Purses On The Outcome Of The Fight

Gervonta Davis And Ryan Garcia Agree On IG Live To Bet Their Full Purses On The Outcome Of The Fight

Boxing enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the long-awaited match between Davis and Garcia, which is finally happening this weekend. The two fighters have been teasing a potential fight through social media and interviews for years, but previous negotiations had hindered it from happening. However, on February 18th, Mike Coppinger from ESPN reported that Davis and Garcia had agreed to the terms for a 136-pound catchweight fight, and on February 24th, it was officially confirmed.

As the fight draws nearer, it’s gaining more attention from both boxing enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Both fighters have massive followings and impressive records, with over 20 wins and no losses, showcasing their exceptional skills in the ring.

During a promotion for his upcoming fight, Davis appeared on Instagram Live with well-known streamer Kai Cenat on April 17th. While Garcia was part of the conversation, Davis challenged him to put his entire purse on the line in a winner-takes-all arrangement for their upcoming match. After some discussion with Cenat and “Tank,” Garcia ultimately agreed to the terms. When asked by Cenat if he was certain about putting his purse on the line, Garcia expressed confidence in his decision.”I don’t speak twice for myself; you already know.”

Will Davis and Garcia Change The Bout Agreement Five Days Before Their Fight?

Although Davis and Garcia have agreed to a winner-takes-all fight on April 22nd, it’s not yet official. Both fighters must sign an agreement acknowledging the stipulation that could result in either fighter leaving empty-handed. While it’s uncertain what the purse will be for Davis and Garcia, given the magnitude of the fight, it’s expected to be a substantial payday for both boxers.

Even though Garcia has the speed advantage, Draft Kings’ betting odds have him listed as a +190 underdog against Davis. “Tank” is renowned for his punching power and ability to pressure his opponents, making it highly likely for him to knock out his opponents. Both boxers have the capability to defeat the other, making the prospect of a winner-takes-all fight even more compelling for their upcoming clash in Las Vegas.

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