Davis Vs. Garcia: Adin Ross Picking Ryan To Do The Job On Gervonta

Davis Vs. Garcia: Adin Ross Picking Ryan To Do The Job On Gervonta

The upcoming fight between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis this Saturday has us feeling the same excitement as we did for Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury. These two boxers have been itching to fight each other for quite some time and the wait is finally over. In the lead up to the big event, Gervonta Davis had a direct conversation with Ryan Garcia during an Instagram live stream. During their conversation, Davis challenged Garcia to bet both of their purses on the winner of the fight. While Garcia agreed to the challenge, Davis requested that everything should be put on paper and signed by both fighters. As of now, we only have Garcia’s word on the agreement, but it’s important to note that verbal agreements have been unreliable in the past.

Ryan Garcia needs to sign papers if he wants the bet to happen

During a live stream, Gervonta Davis and his team were celebrating loudly when something important happened. However, they forgot what had occurred between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul, who also made a bet that Paul refused to pay out because there was nothing in writing. Initially, it didn’t seem like a formal agreement, but Ryan Garcia made sure that things were clear. He confirmed that he would sign a contract to make the bet official and emphasized that he never speaks for himself twice.

Ryan Garcia is extremely confident in his ability to beat Gervonta Davis that he’s willing to bet all his money on the fight. This match is anticipated to be one of the most talked-about fights in recent boxing history. Based on Sporting Payouts, Gervonta Davis is guaranteed to make $1,500,000, while Ryan Garcia is only expected to earn $350,000 for this fight. However, due to Garcia’s earnings as a social media influencer, losing $350,000 doesn’t seem like a lot to him. On the other hand, Davis stands to lose a considerable amount of money if he doesn’t win. It’s important to note that their wager was made in front of a live audience of 200,000 people during an Instagram Live, but for now, we only have their word on the bet.

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