Is there a Shiny Gastly in Pokemon Go October Spotlight Hour 2021?

Is there a Shiny Gastly in Pokemon Go October Spotlight Hour 2021?

It feels like, at the moment at least, that not a day goes by without some kind of event in Pokemon GO.

We’ve just had the Duskull Community Day and are now facing the next rotation in the GO Battle League and the next Spotlight Hour.

Stepping into the spotlight for today’s event is a Pokemon that’s very well known, Gastly.

But can you get a Shiny Gastly in tonight’s Spotlight Hour and if you can, what are the odds and what are you looking out for? Let’s take a look.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live | Official Trailer



Pokémon Trading Card Game Live | Official Trailer





Can Gastly Be Shiny In The October 2021 Spotlight Hour

Thankfully yes, it can, which is great news for those who still need one.

Shiny Gastly has been around in the game for a little while now officially though, dropping after the Shiny Gengar Special Raid Challenge back in November 2019.

Players’ best opportunity to catch one came in the Gastly Community Day that took place in July last year.

What Does It Look Like and What Are The Odds of Finding One?

Be prepared to keep a keen eye out for Shiny Gastly as they can be notoriously difficult to spot.

Rather than a black head, a Shiny Gastly has a purple one, with its cloud of smog changing from purple to more of a violet/blue colour.

In terms of its Shiny odds, unfortunately, they won’t be boosted like they were during last year’s Community Day. This means that players will have a 1/500 chance of encountering a Shiny Gastly.

Good luck if you need one!

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