NFL power rankings, Week 15: Cowboys rise, Raiders fall

NFL power rankings, Week 15: Cowboys rise, Raiders fall

The NFL power rankings are crystallizing as we enter Week 15, with the Dallas Cowboys beginning to surge while the Las Vegas Raiders are finished.


Detroit Lions

1-11-1 LW: 32 Detroit Lions

The Lions won a game, that’s all that matters. Cruising to the No.  1 overall pick.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-11 LW: 31 Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer might rather walk through an inferno than coach the Jags for another week.


Houston Texans

2-11 LW: 30 Houston Texans

See above, but for David Culley.


New York Jets

3-10 LW: 29 New York Jets

The Jets aren’t able to score, but they make up for it by playing zero defense.


Chicago Bears

The Bears were entertaining on Sunday night, but ultimately, still the Bears.


New York Giants

4-9 LW: 27 New York Giants

New York is pitiful. The Giants can’t fire Joe Judge soon enough.


Carolina Panthers

5-8 LW: 25 Carolina Panthers

One quarterback, two quarterbacks, no chance and no victory.


Seattle Seahawks

5-8 LW: 26 Seattle Seahawks

Somehow, the Seahawks are only a game out of a playoff spot in the NFC.


Atlanta Falcons

6-7 LW: 24 Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is part of a five-way tie for the final NFC wild card spot. Just a wild year.


Las Vegas Raiders

6-7 LW: 16 Las Vegas Raiders

Yeah, it’s over. Maybe don’t dance on the Chiefs’ logo and then get beat by 39 points.


New Orleans Saints

6-7 LW: 23 New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill looked good, Alvin Kamara had a big day, and the defense got to face the Jets.


Minnesota Vikings

6-7 LW: 22 Minnesota Vikings

A win that felt like a loss. The Vikings Way!


Cleveland Browns

7-6 LW: 21 Cleveland Browns

How the hell do you almost blow that game to Tyler Huntley? Just a circus of a football team.


Miami Dolphins

6-7 LW: 20 Miami Dolphins

Coming out of the bye and looking for a sixth straight win against the Jets. Miami on the move…


Pittsburgh Steelers

6-6-1 LW: 18 Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s time to win out or go home. First up, the Titans at Heinz Field.


Denver Broncos

7-6 LW: 19 Denver Broncos

Denver continues to stay alive, hanging in the race. Can they take down the Bengals at home?


Washington Football Team

6-7 LW: 15 Washington Football Team

Washington couldn’t overcome one of the worst halves of offensive football ever witnessed.


Philadelphia Eagles

6-7 LW: 17 Philadelphia Eagles

Coming out of its bye, Philadelphia has to feel good about its chance. All NFC East games ahead.


Cincinnati Bengals

7-6 LW: 12 Cincinnati Bengals

Brutal loss. The Bengals had a chance late to beat the Niners, but a dropped pick-six and an overtime possession ending a field goal spelled doom.


Indianapolis Colts

7-6 LW: 13 Indianapolis Colts

Huge, huge, huge game on Saturday against the Patriots. A must-win for the Colts.


San Francisco 49ers

7-6 LW: 14 San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco made it difficult but beat the Bengals. The Niners are in great shape for a playoff spot.


Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen was unbelievable, but the Bills put themselves in too deep of an early hole.


Baltimore Ravens

8-5 LW: 6 Baltimore Ravens

If Lamar Jackson is hurt and compromised in any way, the Ravens could miss the playoffs.


Los Angeles Chargers

8-5 LW: 10 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers handled the Giants, and now host the Chiefs in the biggest game of their season.


Dallas Cowboys

Dallas essentially won the NFC East by taking down Washington. Major victory.


Tennessee Titans

9-4 LW: 7 Tennessee Titans

Beating the Jaguars isn’t a big deal, but getting a shutout with four interceptions is tremendous.


Los Angeles Rams

9-4 LW: 8 Los Angeles Rams

Huge victory for the Rams. It’s arguably the biggest of Matthew Stafford’s career.


New England Patriots

9-4 LW: 5 New England Patriots

Out of the bye, games against the Colts and Bills. Two more big tests for New England.


Arizona Cardinals

10-3 LW: 1 Arizona Cardinals

Tough loss. With the Packers and Buccaneers having soft schedules, that could mean Arizona is playing on Wild Card Weekend.


Kansas City Chiefs

9-4 LW: 3 Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City looks all the way back, but must beat the Chargers or potentially be a wild card team.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10-3 LW: 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What a bizarre game, but the Buccaneers found a way and are threatening for home field.


Green Bay Packers

10-3 LW: 2 Green Bay Packers

Special teams, yikes. The offense? Sublime. Another win for the Packers.

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