Patrick Mahomes got bailed out by Daniel Jones after another awful interception (Video)

Patrick Mahomes got bailed out by Daniel Jones after another awful interception (Video)

Patrick Mahomes made another awful decision and threw another terrible interception for the Chiefs, but Daniel Jones bailed him out immediately.

Of the many problems that the Kansas City Chiefs could’ve foreseen in the 2021 NFL season, Patrick Mahomes getting turnover happy probably wasn’t one that made the list. But it’s been a real issue with the all-world quarterback pressing the action and trying to do too much.

And that problem cropped up early on Monday Night Football in a crucial game against the Giants.

Mahomes led a beautiful drive to open the game but then the wheels just started melting off. That culminated with the quarterback, while being pressured, moving up into the pocket, completely missing an open Josh Gordon, and trying to force a jump pass through the weeds. Instead, the pass was tipped and the Giants came up with the interception.

Patrick Mahomes’ awful interception was immediately matched by Daniel Jones, giving the Chiefs QB a mulligan

Mahomes needs to send Daniel Jones a thank you card or a fruit basket. Because after the Chiefs quarterback failed miserably to make a hero play, Jones made a throw he should’ve never attempted and Kansas City linebacker Willie Gay Jr. picked it off easily.

With the mulligan, Mahomes didn’t miss.

After a couple of nice plays, the Chiefs got deep into New York territory and Mahomes found Tyreek Hill for the touchdown.

However, even on the score, it’s clear that Patrick Mahomes is pressing. He had Travis Kelce wide-open at two points of the play preceding the touchdown throw and both times would’ve been easier throws than the one he made.

Even if they went up 7-0, Chiefs fans can’t be liking everything they’re seeing from their quarterback with the team entering a do-or-die portion of the schedule.

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