Why I’m using a credit facility to grow my startup

Brent Jackson Contributor When it comes to financing, startups and established organizations will have vastly different experiences. Traditional financing may not always be available to high-growth startups, and even when it is, it often depends on the founder’s personal financial

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Ad Agency Publicly Calls Out Coinbase CEO Over Credit For Super Bowl Ad Idea

The head of an advertising agency called out Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong after he suggested his company’s popular Super Bowl ad was conceptualized in-house. The ad agency head claimed the idea was actually inspired by her company’s pitch. Coinbase, a

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Child tax credit: 5 common problems for parents and what to do about them

Incorrect payments might be due to outdated IRS information.  Sarah Tew/CNET Since the rollout of the enhanced credit over the summer, there have been headaches each month for some eligible parents. For example, a payment might not have been issued due

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