Mom finds 2-year-old daughter locked in Florida daycare alone

A Florida mom arrived at her daughter’s day care, ready to pick to her up. Panic hit when she realized the doors were locked – and her 2-year-old was stuck inside, alone.  On Tuesday, Stephanie Martinez went to pick her

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Hundreds locked up in regions of Ukraine under Russian separatist control

Hundreds of people have been detained in the Russian-separatist controlled portions of eastern Ukraine where they have been subjected to various human rights abuses including torture, sexual violence and mock executions, according to reports from the United Nations and other

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Ugandan musician Vampino locked up in Jamaican prison, cries for help

Ugandan artiste Elvis Kirya popularly known as Vampino has been arrested and detained in Jamaican prison. The singer made the revelation on Saturday as he rallied Ugandans to do all they can to help him get released. “Uganda my peeps

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