What Happened To Morpheus (Both Versions) In The Matrix Resurrections

Examining what happened with the Laurence Fishburne version of Morpheus, and the Yahya Abdul-Mateen II version in The Matrix Resurrections. Caution: Major spoilers ahead for The Matrix Resurrections! With The Matrix Resurrections now playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, many viewers

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New ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer Reveals Jada Pinkett Smith’s Unrecognizable Return

In Jada Pinkett Smith news that won’t move you to sign a petition to stop her from talking about her sex life, the actor is sporting a bold new look in the latest trailer for “The Matrix Resurrections.” Directed by

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Matrix: Resurrections trailer is sheer perfection, both fresh and familiar

Back in the Matrix? Thomas (Keanu Reeves), aka Neo, has been having dreams that don’t feel like dreams. YouTube/Warner Bros. The telltale code that signals the presence of the Matrix. YouTube/Warner Bros. Truly the stuff of sci-fi nightmares. YouTube/Warner Bros.

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