YYachts Custom Yacht Tripp 90 Prevail: Review

Image: YYachts YYachts debuted the custom-designed Tripp 90, christened “Prevail”. It was showcased in Cannes alongside the Y7, an earlier design by the American-based company that helped YYachts establish its reputation. After Prevail was launched by YYachts from its shipyard outside Greifswald

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Who Is Linda Tripp? 5 Things to Know Ahead of ‘Impeachment’

A huge part of the story. Linda Tripp is at the center of the latest season of American Crime Story. The series, titled Impeachment, chronicles what led to former President Bill Clinton‘s impeachment trial, zoning in on the up and

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Sarah Paulson Admits "Regret" After Backlash Over Wearing Fat Suit as Linda Tripp on Impeachment

Sarah Paulson is acknowledging she would have made different choices following the backlash over herself wearing a fat suit to portray Linda Tripp on FX’s forthcoming series Impeachment: American Crime Story. During a sit-down with the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, Aug. 26

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