Tips to Grow a thick beard naturally 2022

Tips to Grow a thick beard naturally 2022

New Delhi: We all face hair issues once in our lives. The growth and density of our hair depend on our genes and as we grow older, the hair begins thinning and falling off. The growth of a beard is determined by the enzyme-5 reductase which can turn the natural stores of testosterone into another hormone that helps in the fast growth of a beard.
There are several artificial ways to grow beard hair but they also have several side effects. However, there are several natural ways through which you can have a thick, dense, and shiny beard.
  • Eat a healthy dietEating a healthy and nutritious diet is the key to good health. Nutritious food packed with vitamins helps the hair follicles to regrow stronger than before. Hence, eating sources of vitamin D like fish and eggs helps in the faster growth of beard.
  • Exercise adequately: High-intensity exercises help in regulating blood circulation better and encourage hair growth.
  • Regulate sleep: Sleep regulation is very important for the proper functioning of the body and helps in boosting beard hair quality. Insomnia and sleeplessness reduce the testosterone that the body naturally produces.
  • Taking care of hygiene: It is very important to take care of hair and skin hygiene for faster growth of beard. Always oil, moisturise and shampoo the beard and keep it clean.
  • Quit smoking and excessive alcohol: Smoking and excessive alcohol encourage hair loss. Chemicals in tobacco cause inflammation and damage the skin and hair cells. Smoking also damages the blood vessels that help in the growth of beard hair.

How can beard growth be affected?

Many physical and environmental factors affect beard growth. A few of them are:
    • Genetics: Genes play a very important role in how we look and hence the density of a beard is also dependent on how the hair grows with your parents or any members of the family.
    • Stress and anxiety: Constant stress and anxiety produce a large amount of hormone cortisol in large quantities that increase hair fall and affect growth.


    Different kinds of skin have different needs but well-taken care of and healthy skin nourished by additional nutrients is more likely to grow healthy hair than dry, and untreated skin.

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