Twitter thinks the Manningcast cursed the Bills and Josh Allen

Twitter thinks the Manningcast cursed the Bills and Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. (Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports)

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. (Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports)

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NFL Twitter is now convinced the Manningcast with Peyton and Eli Manning is cursed after the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen fell victim.

ESPN’s Manningcast on Monday Night Football is a hit with fans. However, Peyton and Eli Manning have a problem on their hands.

First, it was the Chiefs. Then it was the Seahawks, followed by the Buccaneers and Lions.

Now, the Buffalo Bills have become the latest team struck by the Manningcast curse, losing in a shocking upset to the Jaguars.

Every active player who has gone on the show has suffered a loss immediately after.

Twitter is convinced the Manningcast curse is real after Bills upset

Even before Allen’s appearance on the show, people were talking about the possibility of the program being cursed.

Everyone loves the ManningCast right?
Josh Allen is on tonight.

If the #Bills lose to the JAGUARS! and continue this curse, no active player will ever go on again.

Not overstating it to say a national institution is on the line this week.

Can’t imagine that pressure.

— Thad Brown (@thadbrown7) November 1, 2021

Twitter has started to believe wholeheartedly.

Tired: Madden curse

Wired: Manningcast curse

— Alex Brasky (@AlexBraskyBDN) November 7, 2021

Josh Allen appeared on the Manningcast last week. Kelce, Russ, Gronk, Stafford, Brady. And now Allen. All made an appearance and lost the following week. The curse is real.

— Zach Bye (@byesline) November 7, 2021

Not trying to be funny but I think the Manningcast curse is actually real.

— Bradley Gelber (@BradleyGelber) November 7, 2021

And Twitter has begun to warn players about the perils of making an appearance.

With Buffalo’s loss to Jacksonville we just have one question:

Will anyone go on the ManningCast again 😬

— DraftKings (@DraftKings) November 7, 2021

To all the remaining players in the NFL trust us, DO NOT appear on the ManningCast.

— StatMuse (@statmuse) November 7, 2021

Part of the appeal of the Manningcast is getting to hear the candid conversations between two former NFL quarterbacks and current players. If you’re a fan of a particular player or team, it may be time to start biting your fingernails and hoping they decline whatever invitations come their way. So far, the Manningcast curse is undefeated.

Of course, players still take the risk of appearing on the cover of EA’s Madden video games despite a well-documented curse on that front.

Someone will have to break the curse sometime, right?

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