3D content collaboration startup Taichi Graphics closes $50M Series A

3D content collaboration startup Taichi Graphics closes $50M Series A

It operates Taitopia, a cloud-based platform for 3D graphics creation, sharing and remote collaboration, sort of like “Figma for 3D content” in its own words. Undergirding the platform is its open-source programming language Taichi, which offers a high-performance computation on spatially sparse data structures like those from 3D visual graphics.

Taichi Graphics closed a Series A investment at $50 million with lead investors Source Code Capital

GGV Capital and BAI Capital. Other participants in the round included returning investor Sequoia Capital China. TechCrunch has reached out to ask about their operation and valuation.

Taichi Graphics’ 3D content platform Taitopia allows creators to collaborate remotely.

Taichi Graphics itself was started by Yuanming Hu, a computer science Ph.D. from MIT, and Ye Kuang, a Google veteran. It’s gradually drumming up interest in the global developer community. 152 developers from a dozen countries had contributed to Taichi Graphics by 2021.

3D visual computing data are often spatially sparse. We propose Taichi, a new data-oriented programming language for efficiently authoring, accessing, and maintaining such data structures.

It will also continue recruiting roles in R&D, product development, monetization, strategy and design.

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