Appalachian State vs Troy: Savage college gameday signs from Boone (UPDATED)

Appalachian State vs Troy: Savage college gameday signs from Boone (UPDATED)

While App State’s storied history as a beloved underdog may be why most college football fans have heard of them, in the Sun Belt, they’re a regular favorite.

The conference opener for Shawn Clark’s group cannot be understated in its importance — the main goal for every team to start the season is to win their conference. Appalachian State is no exception.

This is why Clark laid out dozens of mouse traps around the team facilities this week as a lesson — do not, under any circumstances, take the cheese.

“When you do well, it’s human nature to think you’ve arrived, but don’t take the cheese,” Clark said. “Be careful out there when people want to tell you how good you are. This is a friendly reminder to be locked in.”

College football is great, isn’t it?

Appalachian State vs Troy: College Gameday signs from Boone

This might be the only place where the locals don’t get offended when you refer to their home as the Boonedocks. Considering just that, it’s safe to say they’re not an easily-offended folk.

The college gameday signs fit to a tee.

Appalachian State fans had plenty of fun at Texas A&M’s expense, especially after the former defeated the then-top 10 opponent in their house. Imagine paying that much money just to get embarrassed on national television?

If you’re a Texas A&M fan, this article was not for you.

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