Carpenter Service Provider Company in Copenhagen

Carpenter Service Provider Company in Copenhagen

We often come out to customers on who have hired us because they have been burned by an agreement with one of our colleagues. It annoys us time and time again, as we ourselves are a company that goes to great lengths to comply with all agreements and have a good and sensible communication with our customers.

You can therefore trust that an agreement is an agreement with us. We make a living by having satisfied customers who either return with other tasks or who recommend us to others. Therefore, we only enter into agreements that we know we can comply with.

Therefore, if you would like to hire a tømrer (Carpenter) on that you can trust, you are welcome to contact us immediately. We only provide solutions that we can be satisfied with. So if it sounds like something for a non-binding offer.

A new roof is the obvious place to start if you want more space or more square meters in your home. At, we have many years of experience with replacement, renovation and re-insulation of all types of roofs.  We perform all types of roofing work for both private and business in and around, and if you wish, our roofer will also come by.

As professional professionals, we perform everything from construction and post-insulation to the final finish. We also work with a large number of skilled manufacturers, so we can always guide you around the best materials and optional solutions for your roof. We are of course ready to guide you on the best choice for your particular home.

Does your home need a new roof?

A new roof is guaranteed to significantly improve the look and value of the home. We lay both plaster roofs, tile roofs and carry out renovation of roofs and minor repairs. But what does a new plasterboard roof cost? What does a new tile roof cost? You are welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about our prices for roofing.

There are many benefits to having your roof replaced or a new roof laid. Roof renovation with post-insulation is of course a good investment in relation to the climate, as a well-insulated roof can save you many kroner on the heating bill. A new roof allows you to take full advantage of all the square meters of the home and at the same time provide more light and a better indoor climate with twigs and skylights.

We have used tømrerfirma (Carpenter company) as a turnkey contractor in connection with the renovation. Throughout the process, they have provided great craftsmanship. Teddy wins on personality, is good at talking to the customer. Professional throughout. No doubt about the content of the offer, what tasks were to be performed.

Call and hear more – contact us today

What does a roof replacement, a new roof, cost? You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding talk about your next project. We provide professional and competent advice on roof replacement, both for private and business customers in Denmark.

In conclusion, carpenter service in Copenhagen is a great option for those who need carpentry work done. The carpenters are experienced and skilled in their craft, and they can help you with a variety of projects. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable carpenter service, Copenhagen is a great place to look.

Once we have heard more about your assignment, we will immediately prepare a non-binding offer for you, so you have a good idea of ​​the final price. Contact us today on telephone 52 64 80 50 or e-mail

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