ESPN radio host discusses Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay beyond 2022

ESPN radio host discusses Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay beyond 2022

Could Aaron Rodgers stay with Packers beyond 2022?

Packers media has already weathered one major discovery this season — the fact that Aaron Rodgers was never vaccinated — but another mystery still looms in the small town of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Over the past year, everyone (including Rodgers) has commented on whether or not the 38-year-old quarterback will remain in Green Bay for the remainder of his career. Entering his late 30s, Rodgers came off an MVP season and an NFC Championship appearance in 2020 — but time will tell whether his next two years will resemble Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger.

Whatever the near future holds, Rodgers will command a coveted contract and will likely look for at least a two-year commitment — let’s not forget that only Brady has proven to be a truly successful NFL quarterback in his 40s.

But with Green Bay giving Rodgers “everything he’s asked for”, ESPN Packers insider Steve “The Homer” True believes that Rodgers has virtually no reason to play for another NFL team.

“There’s only one reason why he doesn’t play in Green Bay next year: because he doesn’t want to play here for whatever reason,” True said. “They’re doing everything he’s asked for — everything he’s said he wanted, they’ve given him.”

“There’s nothing the Packers could do, or be blamed, for Aaron Rodgers leaving.”

Packers insider: Green Bay has done “everything” Aaron Rodgers has wanted

True noted that the Packers supported Rodgers throughout the season for his decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, demonstrating how far they are willing to go to give the future Hall of Famer everything he could desire in a supportive team. Additionally, Green Bay is an ideal situation for Rodgers. Unlike Brady’s 2019 Patriots, the Packers are replete with wide receiving talent in Davante Adams, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, and a cast of receivers with which Rodgers has developed chemistry. Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon complete an offense that runs smoothly and efficiently all the way to playoffs year after year — it’s difficult to imagine another team that could take him there.

“I said before he would come back; I think he’s going to come back again,” True said.

If Rodgers does come back, True noted that the Packers would have to look to restructure their cap to accommodate him and give up potential draft picks to keep him beyond 2022. This is something he imagines they will do, because as the Jordan Love game clearly demonstrated, Rodgers is their best chance at a championship for as long as he lasts.

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