FuboTV Review 2022: A Perfect Option for Live Sports Streaming

FuboTV Review 2022: A Perfect Option for Live Sports Streaming

Need a sports streaming service for your favorite upcoming seasons? Fubo TV might be the best option for you. FuboTV boasts more than 100+ channels available in FuboTV’s main packages, including almost all local channels and major cable networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, National Geographic, Disney, and more. All starting for $69.99 per month.

FuboTV is known for its extensive roster of sports coverage, but there is also plenty to watch in terms of news, kids’ shows, and entertainment channels. This makes FuboTV a worthwhile option for individuals or families who want a comprehensive channel list without paying for cable.

If you’re trying to decide if FuboTV is right for you, keep reading to see our full review.

What plans does FuboTV offer?

Plan Cost Per Month Channels Free Trial?
Pro $69.99 124 channels Yes
Elite $79.99 179 channels Yes
Ultimate $99.99 215 channels Yes
Latino $32.99 43 channels No

FuboTV Pro

The FuboTV Pro package costs $69.99 per month. There’s no yearly payment option, but a seven-day free trial for this package is available. The monthly subscription has no contract and is cancelable at any time.

The plan offers access to 126 channels covering a range of sports, entertainment, and news, including major cable channels along with popular networks like Discovery, MTV, Comedy Central, ESPN, Disney, and the Hallmark Channel.

The range of programming makes this package especially apt for families that want access to live channels to college sports and the latest movies. Premium features are also geared towards families, complete with 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage and the option to watch on three screens at once.

FuboTV Elite

The FuboTV Elite plan costs $79.99 per month. Similar to the pro package, there isn’t a yearly payment option, but there is a free trial, and the monthly subscription is cancelable at any time.

For an extra $10 more than the Pro option, FuboTV Elite provides about 50 extra channels (178 in total) and gives access to more than 130 annual events in 4K. Many of these are major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.

FuboTV Elite offers extra packages for even more channels. These include Fubo Extra, which has 35 additional news, entertainment, and sports channels (such as the Cooking Channel, NickToons, and Nat Geo Wild), or News Plus with 12 extra news channels (such as BBC News and Euronews).

The Elite package is geared towards large families that want a full range of channels to suit different interests and also want to watch on multiple screens at once. Premium features include 1,000 hours of cloud storage space and the ability to connect with up to 10 devices. The Elite package is also ideal for sports fans who want to watch major live sporting events such as the Stanley Cup Finals and NCAA basketball games.

FuboTV Ultimate

The Ultimate plan is FuboTV’s premier live TV streaming option. At $99.99 per month, it also comes at the most expensive option available.  The Ultimate plan gives you access to 215 channels and a free Showtime account. The top package also includes the Sports Plus add-on which predominantly offers NFL RedZone, making it an enticing option for NFL fans.

If you have the budget, the Ultimate plan is one of the best plans on the market across all live TV streaming services.

FuboTV Latino

The Latino package is FuboTV’s Spanish language offering. Unlike other FuboTV packages, there’s no free trial with the Latino package. Although there’s no yearly subscription option, the monthly subscription has no contract and is cancelable at any time.

This package is the most affordable of FuboTV’s offerings. For $32.99 per month, you get access to 43 TV channels and more than 100 sporting events in Spanish. The channels offer a range of sports and entertainment. However, the emphasis is on sports coverage with channels including Beinsports, ESPN HD Deportes, and multiple TUDN channels. Entertainment options include Discovery and Cine Latino.

Premium features include 250 hours of DVR cloud storage and the ability to watch two screens at once. For Spanish-speaking families, the Latino package offers a decent value for considering the range of entertainment channels, plus the extensive sports offerings are attractive for Spanish-speaking sports fans.

Which add-ons does FuboTV offer?

FuboTV offers two types of add-ons. The first is extra premium features suitable for larger households that want to watch all their favorite channels at once or for subscribers to the Latino package, which comes with fewer screens and less DVR cloud storage. For example, you can add Unlimited Screens for $9.99 per month to stream on up to 10 devices in your home and two outside, and Family Share for $9.99 to stream on three screens simultaneously.

TV channel add-ons include premium packages such as SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX for $19.99 per month or Spanish-language Pantaya for $5.99 per month. Channel bundles allow you to add groups of channels organized around one interest. For example, Sports Plus with NFL Red Zone ($10.99 per month) is perfect for NFL fans, and News Plus ($2.99 per month) adds 12 channels dedicated to news. Other packages cover international sports, entertainment, adventure, and the NBA, plus Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese language channels.

Does FuboTV offer sports content?

FuboTV offers the most sports channels of any of the live TV streaming services, especially if you consider all the add-ons. It shows sports including the NFLNBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MLS, boxing, MMA, college sports, and more. FuboTV airs every golf major, tennis major, and Triple Crown race, as well as special events like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Olympics.

ESPN channels, the NBC sports network, CBS sports network, FS1, FS2, BeIN Sports, and Golf channel are just some of the major sports channels available on FuboTV. It also carries many regional networks for local games, but it is worth double-checking to see what these are in your specific area.

Sports fans will appreciate FuboTV’s user-friendly interface. The homepage features a specific tab dedicated to sports which shows upcoming games aired on the service and has a watch live button to take you directly to watch live sports programming. Under the sports tab, you can also filter your viewing options by sport or even individual leagues to see what games and shows are coming up.

In addition to live TV channels, some FuboTV packages offer access to live events in 4K, many of which are major sports events. These have included the Super Bowl, premier league games, and NCAA basketball games in the past.

How does FuboTV compare to other streaming services?

Streaming Service Cost Per Month Number of Channels Ads? Free Trial?
FuboTV $69.99+ 124+ Yes Yes
YouTube TV $64.99+ 85+ Yes Yes
Hulu + Live TV $69.99+ 75+ Ad-free option No
Sling TV $35+ 31+ Yes Yes

FuboTV is one of the more expensive services, but it does offer the largest range of streaming TV channels covering entertainment, sports, news, and more. Only Hulu + Live TV is comparable in terms of the range of live channels offered – and in terms of price.

Cheaper services tend to offer specialized streaming content with no live channels or a much smaller range of TV channels. This makes FuboTV well-suited to individuals or families who prefer watching live TV and want a broad selection of different entertainment options.

What are the downsides of FuboTV?

FuboTV may not be the best service for people who want access to some live TV channels for a lower price. At $69.99 for the Pro package, FuboTV is cheaper than cable but still more expensive than many other live TV streaming services. If you just want a few, major networks, a more cost-effective option may be better.

While most streaming services have a massive on-demand library, FuboTV has one of the most limited on-demand libraries with no original content. However, it does have major shows like “This Is Us,” “The Simpsons,” “The Walking Dead,” “The Bachelor,” “Shark Tank,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “House Hunters,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “Chopped.” But, if you’re looking for an extensive on-demand library with plenty of movies and series, FuboTV might not be the service for you.

What makes FuboTV stand out?

FuboTV is the leader in the field in terms of the quantity of TV channels it provides and its dedicated live sports coverage of college sports and professional leagues. This means when you get FuboTV, you’re getting access to a huge range of channels and live TV events to suit a range of tastes.

FuboTV also has one of the most user-friendly interfaces of any streaming service. This feature is particularly geared toward sports fans focused on watching sports channels but also well-designed for other interests. On the homepage, content is divided into live TV, sports, and on-demand categories such as movies and series. There’s a TV guide, good search functionality, and it is easy to record shows for later.

How to subscribe to FuboTV?

  1. Go to the FuboTV website and select the plan you want to sign up for
  2. Enter your email, choose a password, and enter your postal code.
  3. Choose whether you want to add any extra premium features or add-ons
  4. Enter your credit card information
  5. Click “Start watching FuboTV”

Once you’ve signed up, your credit card will be automatically charged each month unless you cancel your subscription.

How to cancel my FuboTV subscription?

  1. You can cancel your FuboTV subscription at any time. To do so, sign in to your online account
  2. In the dropdown menu under your profile name in the top right corner, select “My Account”
  3. Select “Subscription and Billing” on the right-hand menu
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Cancel Subscription”
  5. Select “Complete Cancelation” (at this step you also have the option to pause your subscription).
  6. Click “OK” on the cancelation confirmation page.

Is FuboTV worth it?

FuboTV is a worthwhile live TV streaming service for people who don’t mind paying a higher price to have access to a full range of major networks and local networks showing news, sports, kids, and entertainment programming. While there’s something for everyone in the FuboTV channel lineup, sports fans and Spanish speakers are particularly well-catered for.

Although FuboTV doesn’t have an extensive on-demand streaming library, this may not be an issue for people who already have subscriptions for other on-demand services.

FuboTV’s user-friendly interface makes it a package that can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you are looking to try a live TV streaming service, FuboTV offers the closest experience to cable TV at a fraction of the price, and the cancel-anytime subscription and free trial options mean you can easily test out the service with no long-term commitment to see if it suits your needs.


Is FuboTV any good?

If you are looking to get rid of your cable and cut the cord then Fub​​oTV is a great option for you. FuboTV has one of the best selections of plans when compared across all of the live TV streaming services available with over 100 channels available. Although there is a steep $70 a month plan, competitors have also risen in cost to match the $70 a month price.

Is FUBO worth subscription?

If you are looking to cut the cord or you are in the market for a new streaming service, FuboTv is a great option. It offers the largest range of streaming TV channels covering entertainment, sports, news, and more. FuboTV is well-suited to individuals or families who prefer watching live TV and want a broad selection of different entertainment options.

What are the cons of FuboTV?

At $69.99 for the Pro package, FuboTV is cheaper than cable but still more expensive than many other live TV streaming services. While most streaming services have a massive on-demand library, FuboTV has one of the most limited on-demand libraries with no original content. To some, FuboTV’s biggest downside is that most of its live streams are capped at 720p.

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