I keep all Bugingo’s money- Pastor’s girlfriend Susan Makula boasts

I keep all Bugingo’s money- Pastor’s girlfriend Susan Makula boasts

Love-struck Susan Makula Nantaba has revealed that she keep all the money that belongs to her lover Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

Appearing on Salt TV’s ‘The Junction’ show a few days ago, Susan said all Pastor Bugingo’s money which they use to cater for their needs as a couple is on her bank account.

“The reason why I keep all his money is that he has very many bank accounts he is managing that are not personal. So when it comes to his personal money, its me to manage it,” she disclosed.

“First of all, personally I have more needs than him……by the way he is also among my needs. I’m the one responsible for his closet. I’m the one who knows what he will wear on which day and event. For example, you don’t expect a person who is thinking about the Independence night and how he will preach to think about what he will put on at the same time.”

Susan further added that all she does after spending the Pastor’s money is to avail him with the accountability.

Susan’s latest confession is proof that House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead Preacher is indeed in true love with the ‘Church girl’ and that he can do anything just to be with her.

Early this year, Susan made a shocking revelation on how her fiance bought for her a knicker from the Supermarket, all in the name of love.

She said when their love was still at an infant stage, she prompted Bugingo to buy for her a knicker after promising him that she will put it on in his presence.

“When Pastor Bugingo was still vibing me, I swear I ate his money. One day he asked me that what can I buy for you, I’m in the supermarket. He told me that he wanted to buy me some stuff but he didn’t know what I wanted,” Susan recalled.

“I told him to buy for me knicker. Just imagine with his public status and dignity busy at the supermarket till counter paying for a knicker. I told him that baby if you love me, buy for me the knicker, I will put it on for you.”

Susan also disclosed that the man of God gave her Shs2 million to buy a bra.

“He also asked me what else he could buy for me. I told him to buy a matching bra but he told me that he couldn’t find one. What he did, when he came to my home, he gave me the knicker and Shs2 million for the bra.”

In 2019, Bugingo officially proposed to Susan.

The pastor made the bold move during his Annual Independence prayer night at Namboole Stadium.

Earlier on, the Pastor told his followers that he has to marry Susan whether Ugandans like it or not as he scoffed at those who thought that he would reconcile with his wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo saying it was high time they stopped dreaming.

Susan is an employee at Salt Radio and TV and the couple started dating way back in 2016.

In May 2019, Bugingo and Teddy’s love story turned sour when the former publicly exposed the latter whom he accused of wanting to kill him.

He also accused her of conspiring to steal his Church land citing them as some of the reasons why he can no longer stay with her thus demanding for divorce.

Teddy denied the allegations and opposed the divorce petition stating church marriage is meant to last for forever and that her husband has no valid issues as to why he is divorcing her.


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