Is ESO too Expensive to Keep Up With?

Is ESO too Expensive to Keep Up With?

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In this era, online gaming could really prove a hassle to keep up with at times and sticking to your favourite games while developers are trying their very best to empty your pockets. Over the last few years, we have seen a lot of big companies introducing some new and not-so-new trends in gaming that are truly toxic and some of them are not even properly regulated, to say the least.

Most of the FPS and MMORPG games have become so expensive these days that a lot of players are having a hard time to keep up with them and Elder Scrolls Online seems like one of them to many of the players around the world, is it really? Let’s find out.

Elder Scrolls Online has a humongous fanbase and is surely one of the most played games in the world so why would a huge number of people invest so much of their hard-earned money if it wasn’t really worth it. However, it would be illogical to disagree that ESO is expensive.

It sure is but when compared to many other games, ESO has been constantly promising and has been delivering equally great content and lovable new features while most of the other games are just trying to make money out of their players. For instance, ESO’s new dlc called Blackwood has just hit the world of ESO by storm and fans are just loving the fresh lore. The game has a highly loyal and active community that supports the developers and they are WILLING to pay the price to get some new content and freshness to the game and it sure makes sense! If you haven’t tried ESO yet, make sure to grab yourself a ESO cd key to get it started.

From a lot of reviews and after hours of research, we found out the ESO isn’t necessarily that expensive unless you want to spend time in the game. You can have limited money and still have all the world’s fun in ESO, so the developers haven’t really made an obligation out of spending money in the game which surely makes Elder Scrolls Online a lot different from all the other titles in the genre. As far as having fun in the game is concerned, it is totally up to you, the game doesn’t force you to pay by putting a paywall in front of you but if you want to have a lot of ESO gold to buy different stuff, that’s totally your choice.

ESO+ subscription is as low as US$15 per month, that’s like a meal lasting a month, isn’t that just too great now. You get 1,650 Crowns (that makes up about US$15) each month which essentially makes ESO Plus free if you would be buying Crowns anyway. Just note that longer subscription bundles come with the Crowns bundled together. You only get a new influx of Crowns when your subscription renews. Keeping all this in mind, Elder Scrolls might just be one of the cheapest and most convenient games out there. While delivering so much in the name of content.

ESO is just a universe of its own and once you jump in there is no coming back, the dlcs, the events, the characters and the quests are just too great of a package altogether that makes ESO probably the freshest game even after seven years of its release. And if you are still complaining about the game being so expensive, you might just want to quit and maybe move on to better options, but only if there are any…

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