One hit wonder Lady Mariam aka Tindatine chocking on debts

One hit wonder Lady Mariam aka Tindatine chocking on debts

Both Kirungi Swabura (Mariam’s elder sister) and her niece have been working in Saudi Arabia (as maids) and sending all their savings to Tindatine with the aim of using it to better their livelihood (purchase land and construct a house) upon their return to Uganda.

However, the faded musician merciless chewed all their hard works pay and fooled them into staying with her (at her house) where she later chased them and left them for the streets saying they owe her nothing.

It may seem as though Lady Mariam lives a lifestyle she can’t afford and this lands her in money troubles.

Initially she and Swabura jointly started up a bar around Kireka but Tindantine being a selfish fraudster secretly sold it off and took all the money.

This is when Swabura decided to go and work overseas (as a maid) to make ends meet.

After stealing the sister’s money, Mariam did the same to the niece (poor young lady). The niece asked for the money she’s been sending and shameless, Tindantine boldly replied that she’s waiting for Gulu money (what Gen. Saleh promised artistes on good will). Seriously, how can one budget her livelihood on money she hasn’t worked for???

This is a condemned act because by the time someone goes to a foreign country (close to slavery) it’s because they want better so no one should steal their labour’s fruits, for Godsake.

Artistes, please use your fame while it lasts to invest and plan for the future wisely, such things are so embarrassing.

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