Review: My birthday experience at Speke Apartments -Wampewo avenue

Review: My birthday experience at Speke Apartments -Wampewo avenue

I celebrated my birthday recently at Speke Apartments Wampewo. At the end of the day, I realised that we can all agree that Speke Apartments Wampewo is the place to be.

We had our dining experience at La cabana restaurant. The ambience is incredible and this makes choosing the venue very easy. It’s a mixture of privacy, public or even poolside setting which totally depends on one’s choice.

I chose privacy and was allocated the best area which permitted my guests conversations with zero interruptions apart from the over caring professional waiters and waitresses with top-notch customer care who were always checking on us to make sure that we were availed with all that we needed.

The best part is always the food, we had ordered for the “Brazilian Churrasco buffet “ and trust me it was worth. The mouth-watering meat cuts, very nice salads and a choice of accompaniment were so delicious that they messed with our taste buds and the best thing is that we had to eat until we dropped (Brazilian style) as we sipped our expensive wine. The feeling was so amazing and it can only be experienced at La Cabana restaurant.

I was then handed my room key and Oh My God the rooms are so beautiful and spacious, it’s a home away from home feeling ( you can choose to prepare food for yourself with the furnished and fully stocked kitchen )
The award-winning interior design will leave you speechless from the living room, kitchen, bedroom and lastly the bathroom all beautifully decorated.
These rooms and so comfortable, quiet and secure with an incomparable balcony view that anyone might be forced to overstay just to keep enjoying.

Last but not least was the ample parking space that can accommodate almost all Ugandan’s cars, just kidding although the parking space is enough for all customers cars which are guarded 24/7 by the well-experienced security guards.

Speke Apartments is the place to be at.

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