Sonic the Hedgehog's Version of JARVIS is Much More Powerful

Sonic the Hedgehog's Version of JARVIS is Much More Powerful

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Nicole and the MCU’s JARVIS share many similarities especially when Tony Stark’s AI became Vision, but Sonic’s AI is stronger.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s JARVIS isn’t the only artificial intelligence in pop culture that gains a physical form, and Sonic the Hedgehog‘s version of him, Nicole, is much more powerful. Similar to JARVIS, Nicole began as a form of AI that “lived” inside a handheld device as originally portrayed in the Saturday Morning Cartoon (SatAM). Sonic’s girlfriend, Princess Sally Acorn, initially used Nicole to help her band of Freedom Fighters during covert missions. On those missions, Nicole was helpful when infiltrating Dr. Robotnik’s city of Robotropolis, where she hacked his technology. Nicole continued in this capacity in Archie Comics’ now-discontinued comic book series before she accidentally swaps “bodies” with Princess Sally in a secondary story in issue #146. Nicole becomes so intoxicated by the experience that she later finds a way to emulate a similar type of existence for herself, but in so doing accomplishes something even more remarkable: creating her own physical form.


Although JARVIS from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly powerful, especially when he became the synthezoid known as Vision, JARVIS didn’t make the choice of changing himself, nor did he play a major role in his own creation. What became his body was originally crafted by others to serve as the base to the perfect form of Ultron, and was given life from the powerful Mind Stone artifact. It wasn’t until the Avengers later uploaded the remnants of JARVIS into this vibranium body that led to the creation of Vision. Vision is at least the one who named himself, saying he was neither JARVIS nor Ultron.

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Thirty issues later, Nicole remarkably commandeers a nanite city originally built by Dr. Eggman’s recently destroyed son A.D.A.M. and completely repurposes everything into a stunning replica of Mobotropolis, a city that Sonic and his friends lost to Dr. Robotnik before the comics began when the mad scientist overthrew the Kingdom of Acorn. Not only did she completely rebuild an entire city that she can now control herself, but she uses the city’s robust mainframe to build numerous holographic matrixes that allows her to maintain the physical form of a lynx anywhere within the city limits.

The unveiling of what Nicole christens New Mobotropolis couldn’t have come at a more dramatic time, either. Dr. Eggman had just destroyed Sonic and his friends’ home of Knothole Village, which had been their base of operations ever since Eggman began his tyrannical reign. He was about to turn everyone into fuel when Nicole successfully transports them all to New Mobotropolis instead. Enraged, Dr. Eggman forces Nicole to exercise her new powers immediately afterwards in issue #177, when the shields she produces around her city successfully stave off Dr. Eggman’s entire massive Egg fleet. Even when she’s later infected by a virus, Nicole performs another amazing feat when she holds her own against Sonic after he enters New Mobotropolis’ digital mainframe.

As Vision, JARVIS possesses incredible abilities, having proved that he can take down numerous Ultron sentries himself, overpower Thanos’ adoptive son Corvus Glaive, and even stand his own against Ultron. But he has seemingly lost all of his AI capabilities ever since becoming Vision, a power that Sonic the Hedgehog‘s Nicole still retains after she assumes a physical form through her own efforts. Nicole’s prowess as an AI also transcends anything JARVIS could accomplish before becoming Vision. JARVIS’ most impressive exploits include running Stark Industries’ business operations and the security for Tony Stark’s Mansion and Stark Tower. He could even enhance Tony Stark’s Iron Man Armors. However, all of this pales in comparison to Nicole’s ability to control and maintain an entire city, a functionality Nicole not only handles on her own but devised herself while JARVIS has always needed the help of Tony Stark and others to perform his own miracles.

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